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Big data requires bigger servers

Update : 26 Sep 2017, 12:25 AM
With Bangladesh fast becoming more of a digital nation than ever before, the need to store the increasing amount of online data is something the government needs to consider in order to fulfill its promise of a truly digital Bangladesh. To that end, providing data centre services is a market that has been left largely untapped in our nation, one that has tremendous potential for growth. As more and more data-driven companies, such as Uber, enter our local market, it will become increasingly important for such outfits to locally store large volumes of data important to their business. We need to seize this opportunity, and seize it now. Given how lucrative and desirable the data centre market is -- our local market itself is worth Tk10,000 crore at the moment -- it is inevitable that foreign companies will try to fill this market gap eventually. The government needs to take the appropriate measures which can allow our local companies to build more data centres going forward. Doing so would have the twin effect of providing us with a lucrative new market while also making space for companies, both foreign and local, who rely on exhaustive amounts of data in order to do business. Bangladesh is at the dawn of a new era, an era where data, as a commodity, is of equal importance as money. We cannot lock ourselves away from such a future.
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