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Put an end to mob justice

Update : 11 Dec 2015, 06:12 PM

The incident of eight robbers being beaten to death in Narayanganj once again brings to light the dangers of mob-enforced justice, and just how common the culture of street violence has become.

The robbers were reportedly caught red-handed stealing rice from a store. Disturbingly, out of the eight who were beaten to death, four were killed before the police even arrived on the scene.

While the frustration of locals with the incompetence of law enforcement in the face of repeated robberies is understandable, a culture of dishing out justice without due process is a dangerous one, and flies in the face of our attempts to establish a credible rule of law.

All citizens are entitled to a fair trial before being punished, and that punishment must be decided by the law courts to suit the crime. But because of a growing frustration with the legal system, many citizens are opting to do away with the police altogether and take things into their own hands. The mob mentality that arises from it can get extremely dangerous, as things often spiral out of control.

Ain o Salish Kendra reports that this year alone, between January and September, 104 people have been killed in mob beatings in the country. Almost half of these killings took place in the capital.

These numbers are alarming. We cannot allow chaos to rule our streets. It is up to the government to improve our law enforcement and justice systems so that ordinary citizens can have more faith in them. Furthermore, all perpetrators of mob violence must be brought to book without delay.

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