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Dhaka Tribune

Do what it takes to bring our citizens home

Update : 08 Oct 2015, 06:01 PM

It is an outrage that a Myanmar separatist rebel group has demanded a ransom of Tk50 lakh for the return of three missing Bangladeshi citizens.

The Bangladesh government must do all it can to bring back these three missing people, who have been missing since Saturday from Bandarban. Furthermore, it is important that we demand the Myanmar government crack down hard on these rebel groups who carry out their activities wearing uniforms similar to Bangladesh army personnel.

These abductions are not the first to happen in the tourist-heavy district of Bandarban. Two other businessmen were abducted this week, and released in exchange for ransom.

Myanmar rebels have also attacked Bangladeshi border guard patrol personnel, injuring a nayek in the gunfire.

This cannot continue. Paying to release captives sets a bad precedent and encourages Myanmar rebels to continue their terroristic activities within our borders. We should not be topping up the coffers of these terrorists; rather, this cycle of terror needs to be ended.

Myanmar must rein in its rogue elements which are causing problems for us near the border, or Bangladesh will have to take whatever measures necessary to stop this abduction wave.

It is the foremost duty of our government to protect the lives of Bangladeshi citizens. These rebel groups have no legitimacy in either Myanmar or Bangladesh, and so, must not be negotiated with. They need to be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

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