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Dhaka Tribune

The bumpy road home

Update : 26 Aug 2017, 06:51 PM
Holiday-makers going home for Eid never expect a smooth ride, with our transportation system stretched to its limits in the mad rush of the season. But this year, the journey might be worse than usual, with flooding causing extensive damage to our road system. A nation’s road network is a symptom of where it stands in its overall development journey, and in that regard, sadly, we are not doing very well. Many of our roads are highways riddled with potholes, or, worse yet, completely broken. These bad road conditions cause a trip to take three or four times longer than it would normally take -- there is no way that such a thing can be acceptable. For a country aspiring for middle-income status, good inter-city connections are a must, and with our highways in such woefully dilapidated conditions, it is clear we are falling behind. It is time for some much-needed repair-work.
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