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Cuisine, culture & social bonding

Update : 15 Apr 2018, 04:24 PM
Lisa Mowla, the writer, introduces innovative and easy traditional recipes that will enable people to enjoy a variety of flavours from the comforts of home.

The writer

The writer, Lisa Mowla, graduated from a university in London in 1975, and is an aesthetician by profession. She was fond of cooking from an early age and later got the motivation to cook from her mother. She raised a son as a single parent, who she lost four years ago. Her son was her main motivation behind taking the initiative to write this book. She had a difficult life from the beginning and has always been strong in handling it. When asked about her expectations from the book, she expressed hope that it will be appreciated by readers.

The motive

This book mainly seeks to assist students and non-resident Bengalis living abroad to taste their very own culture despite being far away in an entirely different setting.

The launch

The launch event was held on April 4. Renowned personalities like Khushi Kabir and Sultana Kamal graced the occasion with their presence. Khushi Kabir, the co-ordinator, was full of praises for the writer, calling her a perfectionist.  She especially mentioned how the writer overcame difficult obstacles in her life, like being a single parent, and eventually achieved success. Taslima Hossain, the editor and publisher of the book, who also has written a book on women activism also showered the writer with words of praise. Sultana Kamal, who gave the book its name, explained the story behind the name of the book. According to her, the word ‘culture’ depicts writer’s innovation through recipes. She also said that the book is a fundamental instrument of women empowerment and has the potential to create a social bonding between women. Does the book keep its promise innovation while staying true to tradition, following the legacy of culinary stalwarts like Siddika Kabir? Why don’t you decide yourself by getting a copy?
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