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Falgun brings new beginnings and new growth

Update : 09 Feb 2017, 03:29 PM
Spring, or Boshonto in Bangla, is considered to be a season of happiness, love, warmth and growth. It’s a season when we observe fresh buds blooming, birds chirping, animals awakening from winter hiatus, and the earth coming to life again after the gloomy winter. Boshonto reminds us of the good things in life. As Falgun (the first of two months of spring) arrives, we feel the warmth in our spirits and a sense of hopef. As the season transforms from cold to warm, from darkness to light, from gray to a burst of colours - we embrace the glory of change in our daily lives. Pohela Falgun falls on February 13 in the Gregorian calendar, and this day is marked as a celebration called the Boshonto Utshob. Boshonto is the final season among the six seasons of Bangladesh. People of all ages take preparations to celebrate Pohela Falgun with joyous festivities around the city. Women and little girls adorn themselves in ‘bashonti’ coloured (yellow or orange) saris and flower crowns in their hair, while young men wear colourful panjabi-pajama to welcome the new season with love and laughter. Pohela Falgun is coming up in three days, and many places around the country will be hosting different festivities. However, the main program will be held at 'Bokul-tola' of the Institute of Fine Arts, which is commonly known as Charukola of Dhaka University. The song of Boshonto, “Esho mili praner utshabe” (Come, let us celebrate life together) will be sung around 7am in the morning to inaugurate the festival. Thousands of young children, men and women will be gathered in the compound to celebrate the day by singing songs, reciting poems, and dancing. People will also participate in a rally which will revolve round TSC. People of all religions celebrate Boshonto Utshob together to bring joy to their hearts. At the same time, Ekushe Boi Mela becomes the heart of the celebration to commemorate this joyous festival of Boshonto.
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