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Lady in white

Update : 30 Nov 2017, 05:05 PM
December is finally turning down the mercury a little bit, and with the threat of rain finally shelved for a month or so, and the party season ready to drop the bass, it’s time to bring out the “good stuff” to end the year on a high note. While Bangladeshi winters usually mean rich, jewel tones and luxe fabrics, there’s a certain statement made in daring to wear monochromatic white in this season. Here are five ways to make those winter whites pop.

Touch and go

An all-white look is hard to pull off, particularly with the deshi skin-tone, but one way to get the job done is to play with textures, adding a tactile element to your look. Throwing on an elegant eggshell pashmina over ivory jamdani, worn with your pearls will definitely make you stand out in a sea of reds and golds at the next big walima you attend. And let’s not even get started with all the amazing combos you can get out of white winter khadi.


With the weather turning colder, allowing for more jackets, coats and other outerwear, look for warmers with hidden prints. It could be a longline vest with a cheetah-printed inner lining, or brand new denim with a cute graphic along the inner belt line, or even a kurti with a surprise panel of colour, little accents can take your basic whites to a whole new level.

Turn up the volume

The biggest style revolution that’s happening around the world right now is the trend for billowing, figure-obscuring volume in silhouettes. Whether we’re talking about the statement sleeves in those gorgeous Urban Truth tops, or ginormous shirtdresses like the one Tilda Swinton wore to the Dhaka Lit Fest, big, flowy, and oversized is in, and nothing grabs the eye more than white.

Shimmer and shine

It’s party season, and what says “party” better than a little sparkle? Subtle sequin or mirror work can add a wow-factor to an all white sari or discreet zari details on an embroidered kameez can make all the difference. Another way to add a little glimmer to an all-white ensemble is to wear it with some statement jewellery.

Go all out

While this is probably not a good idea for an everyday look, sometimes going all out is the perfect statement. We’re talking about sparkles, texture, lace, bling, and volume – the works – worn with a “look at me” bold red lip. Worn with confidence, and styled with a steady hand, it’s definitely going to turn heads.
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