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Shadhona to stage Champabati on Friday at BSA

Update : 24 Oct 2013, 06:44 PM

Shadhona’s new experimental production “Champabati,” by Shabbir Ahmed Khan Biju, will be staged at the Experimental Theatre of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Friday at 7pm. Shamim Hasan directed the dance drama.

The recital is an entertaining folk dance presentation drawn from our traditional lathi-khela(a established game), jhumur dance, raibeshe, chhau, mayurbhanj, and kalaripayettu. The incorporation of a wide range of dance variations makes the recital a captivating programme.

The music for the lyrics of “Champabati” is by Zahidul Kabir Liton. The instrumental arrangement of the dance-drama was initially designed by Durbadol Chattopadhyay of Kolkata, but has now been completed by Nirjher Chowdhury and Rokon Emon.

Celebrated artists like Anusheh Anadil, Shafi Mondol and Kangalini

Sufia lent their voice in various folk songs that makes this dance-drama unique.

Lubna Marium, the general secretary of Shadhona told the Dhaka Tribune: “The dance-drama represents all women who face the adversity of life with unending courage and immense strength.”

“We have been working with folk art forms starting with the traditional ‘Lathi-khela’ of Bangladesh. We have conducted workshops on ‘raibeshe’ – the martial dance form of Bengal which goes back almost 2000 years to the time of Raja Pratapaditya. Besides that, Shadhona conducted workshops on ‘jhumur dances’ of Bengal, chhau dance of Purulia, and mayurbhanj and kalaripayettu of Kerala.”

She also said: “The production is based on Poet Jashimuddin’s popular play ‘Beder Meye’ and has been adapted into a dance-drama by the renowned playwright Syed Shamsul Haq. Set to music, it gives a new-life to the age-old narrative.”

The story is about the interactions between the wandering “bede” community and the typical villagers of Bengal. It portrays the conflicting ways of life in the same society with the stories of three women named Champa, Maleka and Asmani.

Champa is known for her skills in faith-healing and snake-charming, Maleka is the wife of the village head who is bullied by her abusive husband, and lastly, Asmani is the wife of Champa’s ex-paramour Goya.

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