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A poem about you

A poem by Sayeeda T Ahmad

Update : 15 Oct 2018, 04:39 PM

I must be blunt.

It is difficult to type out a poem 

when your fingers 

are reaching for my stomach where I rest my laptop, 

then tug my left hand away from the keyboard keys

with a 


I say, whose hands are these, 

his or hers? 

Mine or yours?

You say they’re mine. 

You are mine.

I will make you mine.

You are like a cat, 

sleekly stretching your palm across my stomach, 

and then your arm back and forth, 

while I keep trying to write 

a poem about you, 

one letter, 

one word, 

at a time.

Sayeeda T Ahmad is a poet and nonfiction writer. Her debut poetry collection, Across Oceans, was published by Bengal Lights Books.

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