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Crown Electrokinetics (NASDAQ: CRKN) down at 22 cents - how bad can this get?

This is after a 60 for one reverse stock split only a few months back.

Update : 27 Nov 2023, 06:44 PM

Crown Electrokinetics (NASDAQ: CRKN) stock is up 22% today to all of 22 cents. Which is evidence of a really, really, bad CRKN stock price performance because it was only in Augist that the company had a 60 for one reverse stock split to get the price back up around the $2 level. As we said about Crown Electro: “Crown ElectroKinetics (NASDAQ: CRKN) stock should rise 60 times, or 6,000%, at the open today. CRKN stock isn’t going to rise that much because the management has finally learned how to run the company profitably. But we could, if we were feeling very generous indeed, suggest that it’s a part of the whole process of sorting it out. The base and single problem being solved here is that Crown Electro will lose the NASDAQ listing soon enough.” Well, without that reverse stock split it would have done, yes.

But it’s been a long downward path for Crown Electrokinetics: “Crown ElektroKinetics (NASDAQ: CRKN) does have a couple of nice products which are riding the fashionable wave right now. Of course, that's not enough to guarantee financial success but it's a good start to the idea. The company - or perhaps the tech itself - is a spin out from HP. they can make glass change colour really rapidly. Think like reactolite sunglasses but in mere seconds. One market for this sort of thing is fibreoptics, which as the internet continues to roll out is a nice market. The other is in office and commercial windows - their product there might go to market later this year”


Crown Electrokinetics stock price from Google Finance

The problem is that the business  - the possible one - doesn’t, in fact, seem to be there. This 22% up today, we’d suggest - suggest, not insist - that this is the last twitching of a cooling corpse. There might be some fun to be had with those last movements but probably better to spend time and effort - and money - elsewhere.

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