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Bye, bye, bye!

Update : 04 May 2015, 11:49 AM

When it comes to the business of beauty, new trends are always welcome and sometimes a breath of much needed fresh air. Sometimes, on the other hand, the media can steer us in the wrong way by overhyping a certain craze. At T Junction, we’re all about embracing whatever makes us feel beautiful, but let’s get real. Always keep in mind that what works on the runway does not always translate well into real life.


Deep lips

Yes, Lorde wears black lipstick and seems to make it work. The rest of us individuals who happen to not be stars and have to bear the daily grind, may face a few issues when it comes to sporting super funky coloured pouts. Black and blue and deep purple shades on our lips can resemble a mouth that’s been bruised badly. Ouch! You really don’t ever want to look like you’ve just walked out of the set of a budget goth music video. It also makes our pucker appear smaller, as darker shades usually do, and we’re all about full lips right now, aren’t we? If you’re still intrigued by this trend, try a few shades of orchids or plums.


Nailing it

Let’s talk about nails - really long, pointy ones that give you flashbacks of all those evil witches from the books you read as a kid. We’re going to have to bring up celebrities again here. Just because Rihanna has super long talons in her videos doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. The truth is they’re not really functional. As you carry on with your day to day activities, those claws will crack, peel and even break. We shudder to think of all the germs and gunk underneath those nails.

Bushy business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that thin eyebrows have taken a backseat to a thicker version. All of a sudden, women everywhere are yearning for thick, bushy brows however they can. Sadly, there is only so much you can do if you weren’t blessed with naturally dense brows. While it’s absolutely okay to subtly fill in your brows with a matching powder, do not go buck wild with that black pencil and try to “draw” on hair where there isn’t any. You’re better off getting eyebrow implants than walking around with garishly fake, dark brows. And yes, everyone knows what you’re up to.


Rainbow bright

Three shades of eye shadow used to contour and highlight is what will always be the safest and prettiest bet. Bright lids rule right now, but there are some big time don’ts. Please don’t attempt to use every single shade in your eye compact on your poor lids. Blue, layered over green, topped off with peach and highlighted with gold is a look that may only work for circus performers. What’s even worse? Using a dark hue to highlight your brow bone. Ladies, it’s referred to as “highlighter” for a good reason. Light shades can really open up your eyes as opposed to slapping on a magenta powder that just results in an overall sloppy statement.


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