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Abdul Rahman: Awareness essential to ensure cyber security

'It is not possible for me alone to create awareness about cyber security, everyone should be vocal and work together'

Update : 18 Mar 2024, 07:21 PM

At present our country faces many problems related to cyber security. Bangladesh's young entrepreneur and cyber security expert Abdul Rahman spoke about that on Monday.

Asked about preparations regarding cyber security, Abdul Rahman said that cyber security is very important at present, both for the country and the world. Staying safe in the virtual world has become a very important issue.

"As a result, I founded 'Rider Vau Official' -"Rider's Creation's, Rider's Maart, Rider's Foundation. Our organization is working to prevent various types of online harassment, blackmail, fraud, Facebook page, account hacking. Also, the workers of my organization are conducting various precautionary seminars in different schools and colleges."

How important is a career in cyber security? Those working on cyber issues have to go through a lot of hard work. Within this there are again 2 groups who work without remuneration, for the country and the ten. Others are working for wages. Both parties are working for the country.

As the days go by, the world is becoming more and more modern. In continuation of that, those who are working on cyber related issues in Bangladesh are working in various IT companies / business organizations for a certain amount. Also getting and getting the opportunity to work as a cyber security specialist in the IT sector while going abroad.

Moreover, Abdul Rahman also said that a bright future can be seen in the cyber security profession. Everyone should focus on cyber security now while thinking about the future. If prepared from now, there is an opportunity for the youth of Bangladesh to do a lot better in cyber security.

A career in cyber security requires a good understanding of cyber security. In this regard, we need to emphasize on raising awareness and training the youth.

About the country's cyber security initiatives in future, Abdul Rahman said: "It is not possible for me alone to create awareness about cyber security, everyone should be vocal and work together, it is very important to hold cyber-related seminars on different platforms and discuss cyber security in schools and colleges. Educating teachers on various topics related to cyber in schools and madrasas. The main goal is to make others aware by being self-aware. The main goal is that no one needs to ask others for help in the future."

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