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Update : 15 Dec 2015, 06:30 AM

With the government blocking most of the popular chatting apps and websites, it already feels like we are growing distant from our loved ones (pun intended). Hence, to solve the problem for you, here are a few suggestions of other apps you can use as an alternative.


Released in 2010, Kik is the first ever messenger developed with a built in browser. The app already has a hundred million users and is very popular in many places. You will often come across the phrase “Kik me,” especially on Instagram. Give it a shot, might just be worth it.


Ability to chat without disclosing phone numbers on Kik Chatrooms.


Possibility of external group users bothering you.


Tango is a free app that allows you to make fast voice and video calls along with the usual text options. The app is widely used in Bangladesh and has over 200 million users around the world.


Great video quality and easy to use.


Inconsistent and uneven video quality.


This app has been immensely successful with over 600 million users. Its popularity grew after Facebook bought over Whatsapp and has been dominating in America. With Whatsapp's 450 million users, WeChat might be the most suitable replacement.


Flawless and instantaneous voice messaging, with superb privacy features.


No “online” or “offline” statuses.


This app can be used on almost every platform we have now: iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. A creation of Samsung, it has no calling features and extra embellishments. Without the extra burdens, the app is seen to be very simple, comprehensible and easier when it comes to getting used to. Just like most other apps, ChatON requires your phone number and user name to check all the contacts you have in your account, and lets you know if they are on ChatON as well.


Intuitive interface, and available for almost all platforms.


No delivery info for messages.


We all know Google Hangouts as it has quickly become widely used in our daily communication. This app ties into every Google account you have on the planet and has SMS integration features. That means it can be easily accessed on Android and iOS, and web mail, through a Gmail account. It might not be as widespread as Whatsapp or WeChat, but the app is surely worth a shot during these troubled times.


Clean and crisp, with SMS and google voice integration.


Requires Google+ account for advanced integration.


With a massive 300 million users worldwide, LINE is available in 231 countries. It can be used on almost all platforms and has a very simple interface. You're able to integrate your LINE account with your email. This provides you with email security to reclaim your chats and contacts when you change your phone number, or god forbid, lose your phone.


It has voice calls too with a timeline style view similar to Facebook, so it's easy to adapt to.


With too many features comes a slight lag in constant usage, which may get on your nerves.


Telegram is gradually becoming a very successful and widely used app around the world, with a bump up to 50 million users from only 35 million (during October 2013). This app allows you to send secret chats and have restricted access retaining your privacy. It's similar to Whatsapp, with much more choices for emojis and you have private chat integration within group chats as well. The chats can only be accessed through the device it was sent in.


Greater privacy and photo quality over Whatsapp, with similar speed. You can even send as much photos as you'd like at once, not just the usual 10.


Annoying method of notifying new users from your contact list.

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