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What health issues can arise from constant exposure to AC?

Extended exposure to air conditioning can cause migraines and worsen existing headaches

Update : 09 Jun 2024, 11:00 AM

During the summer and heatwave, there is no alternative to air conditioning (AC). Almost every office, court, shopping mall, and home in Dhaka has adopted AC. However, the popularity of air conditioning comes with several physical damages that most people are unaware of.

Doctors have indicated that air conditioning silently causes severe harm to people. Staying in an air-conditioned room makes the body accustomed to a certain temperature. Any deviation from this can cause various problems.

Experts say that prolonged exposure to AC can dry out eyes and skin. Other issues may include cold-related problems, redness of eyes, continuous tearing, reduced blood circulation, joint pain, wheezing, obesity, respiratory difficulties, asthma, susceptibility to colds and coughs, and allergies, potentially affecting individuals with at least 10 different ailments.

The potential health issues that people with prolonged exposure to air conditioning could face are outlined below:

Extended exposure to air conditioning can cause dry and itchy skin due to the low humidity levels. This can lead to discomfort when transitioning between the intense sun and the chill of the AC. Air conditioning also absorbs moisture from the air, which can contribute to dehydration. To prevent these issues, it's important to stay hydrated if you spend most of your day in an air-conditioned environment.

Spending long periods in an air-conditioned room can lead to breathing difficulties, persistent coughing, dry throat, and dry eyes. It is essential to be cautious and address these symptoms promptly to prevent further complications. Prolonged exposure to air conditioning can also result in nasal congestion.

Medical experts have said that staying in air conditioning room for extended periods may lead to migraines and intensify any existing headaches due to cold-related illnesses.

A medicine specialist said people are completely unaware of air conditioning units. This device dominates human bodies tremendously. The cold environment of the AC exacerbates many symptoms. Excessive use of AC can further lower blood pressure. Pain in various joints and nerves increases. Also, those accustomed to staying in AC, day and night have a reduced capacity to tolerate heat.

The expert further said those with allergies and asthma, if continuously in AC, will inevitably see an increase in these conditions. Moreover, moving from the cold environment of AC to the outside heat, or from heat to cold, due to temperature differences, can decrease the body's immune response.

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