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Evercare Hospital Dhaka hosts colorectal cancer awareness patient forum

Experts provided insights into the risk factors associated with colorectal cancer, screening guidelines, and the latest advancements in treatment modalities

Update : 24 Apr 2024, 10:09 PM

Evercare Hospital Dhaka recently organized a special patient forum to raise awareness about colorectal cancer, which is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide.

The event was held on Wednesday and was attended by a diverse group of participants, including medical experts from the Gastroenterology department, hospital management, and courageous patients who shared their inspiring stories of battling and surviving the disease.

The experts provided valuable insights into the risk factors associated with colorectal cancer, screening guidelines, and the latest advancements in treatment modalities.

Dr Lutful L Chowdhury, coordinator & senior consultant of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, emphasized the importance of regular screenings and lifestyle modifications in preventing colorectal cancer.

"As gastroenterologists, we play a crucial role in both prevention and management of colorectal cancer. Screening tests can detect precancerous polyps early, offering a chance for intervention before cancer develops" he said.

"In the battle against colorectal cancer, awareness is our greatest ally. Let us remember that knowledge is the cornerstone of prevention. Together, let's spread awareness, dispel myths, and encourage proactive screening," he added.

Dr Ferdous Shahriar Sayed, senior consultant & coordinator of Medical Oncology, highlighted the pivotal role of multidisciplinary care.

Dr Mohammad Farid Hossein, senior consultant of general & lap surgery at Evercare Hospital Dhaka, emphasized the importance of early detection and comprehensive treatment options.

"Colorectal cancer is a significant health concern, but with timely intervention and advanced surgical techniques, we can greatly improve outcomes and quality of life for patients," he added.

Dr Ratnadeep Chaskar, CEO & MD, Evercare Hospitals, Bangladesh, said: "Empowering communities through education and compassionate care is at the heart of our mission at Evercare Hospitals, Bangladesh. We are dedicated to advancing healthcare and raising awareness about critical health issues, such as colorectal cancer, to ensure every individual has access to the best possible care and support."

Dr Arif Mahmud, director of medical services, Evercare Hospitals, Bangladesh, said: “Promoting holistic care and fostering collaboration among medical experts is essential in our fight against colorectal cancer.”

The forum was a powerful initiative that brought together individuals impacted by colorectal cancer and experts in the field to educate the public about the disease and its prevention.

The hospital, which is the first in Bangladesh to receive Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, demonstrated its commitment to providing exceptional medical care and promoting public health through this forum.

The event was attended by key figures from Evercare Hospital Dhaka's Gastroenterology & Hepatology department, including Dr lqbal Murshed Kabir, senior consultant; and Prof Dr Shaila Perveen, senior consultant.

In addition, Vinay Kaul, chief marketing officer of Evercare Hospitals, Bangladesh graced the occasion with his presence.

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