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How to maintain wellness in extreme heat

Various health risks including stroke are increasing due to heatwave

Update : 06 Apr 2024, 02:56 PM

As the mercury rises and the sun beats down relentlessly, the scorching heat of summer can make even the simplest tasks feel like a herculean challenge. 

According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, a mild to moderate heatwave is now affecting parts of Bangladesh. 

Already, in several districts across the country, including Dhaka, weather authorities have issued heat alerts. Such alerts are issued when there is a widespread heat wave across a large area.

Meteorologists say that almost every year in April, there are often two or three moderate heat waves and one or two strong heat waves in Bangladesh.  However, according to weather experts, this year's heat wave period is expected to exceed previous years.

According to a research done in 2021 by the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, the Bangladesh Red Cross Society, and the German Red Cross, heatwaves in Dhaka have been on the rise. Heatwaves become  an increased threat to several health problems, including stroke. 

 With the looming threat of heatwaves becoming more frequent and intense, it is crucial now more than ever to equip ourselves with the knowledge and strategies to stay safe and healthy during extreme heat conditions.

According to the World Health Organization, people who are most at risk of heat waves include the young, the old, those who are pregnant or nursing, athletes, and employees who work outside. 

Those whose occupations put them in direct sun are most affected. So, to avoid heatstroke, one must take measures to protect themselves. We should find out more about that: 

- Attempt to reduce outdoor work between 11am to 3pm, when temperatures are highest.

- Try to stay indoors or in shaded areas.

- Consume plenty of water and fluids, such as juices, coconut water, or fruit juices.

- Bathe as often as possible.

- Splash water on the face and body frequently.

- Wear loose and light-colored clothing.

- Use sunglasses outdoors.

- Avoid heavy, hot meals that can raise your body temperature.

- Use sunscreen with a high SPF to prevent sunburn and skin damage and reapply 

- Get sufficient rest.

- Know the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heatstroke and seek medical help if needed.

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