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New beginnings

Update : 08 Jan 2017, 02:13 PM
We kick off every other New Year by making false promises to ourselves. Maybe you will follow that diet this year. Maybe you want to be nicer to your assistant, or maybe your savings account will actually have some money in it this month. Nope, you are still at the staying line. However, we all have these little things that we often want to learn or do in our spare time, but ultimately wind up not doing any of them. They are usually things we don’t need in our day-to-say chores, like professional cooking, learning a new language, or a musical instrument. We’ll go out on a limb and say even dance. We know you never got around to them. But hey, this is your chance! We’re saying go and bring out that little chef/pianist in you.

Chef skills

For cooking, there are a lot of classes around Dhaka that you could take. However, if your work schedule requires your timing to be a little more flexible, you can always follow some of the YouTube vloggers such as Betty’s Kitchen, Food Wishes, Epic Meal Time, Sorted Food, etc. The list is endless.

New strides

If you have always thought about learning a foreign language (to boost your CV, or even for no reason at all), get to it already. There is no better time than now. To learn German, the Goethe Institut at Dhanmondi is your best option, just like Alliance Francaise is for French. If you’re into Russian, the Russian Culture Centre has an excellent program at a very affordable price. Dhaka University also offers courses on almost every language, once a year. However, if you want to settle for something even more affordable that requires a little less commitment, we would suggest you go for Rosetta Stone. It is the best language learning software available on the Internet. Another Facebook based app to try would be Duolingo. For Arabic, the Khan Academy is your best option - they give you free online lessons.

Get musical

Now, many of us have had a desire to pick up a new musical instrument, like the violin, cello, piano or guitar. While you can find advertisements for guitar lessons inscribed on street walls all over Dhaka City, it’s unlikely you’ll want to settle for those. Alliance Francaise de Dhaka has an excellent program for teaching all of these instruments, and they take new students every three to four months. However if, like so many of us, your timing isn’t elastic, you could opt for an online settlement at So go on, make the best of this New Year!
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