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Career advice you'd like to give to your most hated co-worker

Update : 04 Oct 2016, 06:36 PM

From the cliches that claim that, “Failure is the pillar to success,” to those that state, “Slow and steady wins the race.” We've heard them all and have rolled our eyes so far back in exasperation, we seem to be in a permanent state of dismay. This week we asked a host of individuals what is one piece of career advice they secretly wanted to give their most hated or most disliked co-worker. The answers may surprise you.

*Some names have been changed to maintain anonymity.

Sweaty co-workers: please do something about the BO. The mixture of the stench from sweat and the invasion of privacy is hell. That's one. Then there are those that openly use Tinder during meetings: please stop. Third, please stop trying to make after work plans when you're clearly not interested.” - Nuhash Humayum, writer.

Boundaries are like country borders when it comes to the professional atmosphere. You should know when to maintain yours and not give an opinion about anyone's lifestyle or online social presence.” - Ashfaque Zaman, former teacher.

Maybe you should spend less time contemplating and discussing my marriage and attend more of the board meetings that you keep missing due to your own failing marriage.” - SS*, teacher at Turkish Hope International School.

It really annoys me when my direct senior makes up new rules and regulations that are unnecessary and inapplicable. I want to tell her that it only makes her look stupid and immature. No one respects a leader who doesn't miss a single opportunity to show off.” - KR*, Interpreter at Quantum Consumer Solutions and teacher at American Standard International School.

Please do something about your communication skills (or lack thereof). You often end up sounding like a rude imbecile when really, it's just that you have terrible English and you don't know how to phrase yourself.” - Mahdin Mahboob Khan, Phd student, Stony Brook University, New York

Don't follow the masses. Sometimes you need to realise that the “m” is silent.” - JR*, Territory Officer, BAT.

Please do something about your communication skills (or lack thereof)

"Please stop hovering over my computer when my Facebook window is open. I can see you lurking. Yes. I see you. Stop." - Shafayat Nazam Rasul, lecturer at North South University

We always have that one person that is on top of office gossip. While it's a given for most organisations, it gets annoying when he/she can't help but spill their word vomit to you every five minutes. I know you love sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and you love even more to share your findings with the world, but please give it a rest. You need to get a life – one that is your own.”– Sumi Mahmud, Owner and Graphic Designer for Naga Inc

Stop with your constant illogical explanations for everything. It's not only irritating but it also makes you look stupid (like that was even possible). You've only made it this far as a pilot because of the autopilot function. Please remember that books can't teach you how to fly.” - SBM*, First Officer, Biman Bangladesh Airlines

I really like you, but I really don't want to hear about your girlfriend problems when I'm trying to concentrate. And I appreciate your enthusiasm in my life but could you be enthusiastic without your face coming awkwardly close to mine, please?" - Arman R Khan, writer

Please, please, please start wearing proper black socks. Your Nike or Reebok socks don't go with your formals, even if they're black and neither do those ridiculous looking ankle socks.” - Ali Faiyaz Shoumo, RM, Premium Banking, Brac Bank Ltd

Nothing annoys me more than those that chew out loud during lunch at the cafeteria. Other advice would be for those who constantly use sticky notes to jot down anything and everything. Maybe start using a smartphone app, perhaps?” - Kazi Ahmed, co-founder and chairman, Control N Ltd.

"Please do something about your personal hygiene. It's unbearable to deal with conversations that include distractingly dirty teeth and unbearably horrid bad breath.” - Mir Rabby, Associate Executive Director at Radio Shadhin.

"When you simultaneously get more work done than the rest of us, get paid for it, still have a social life, and generally enjoy yourself - but complain about not having a significant other yet. Boo. Effing. Hoo.” - Ibtisam Ahmed, postgrad student at the University of Nottingham.

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