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Can period care boxes make shark week easier?

Update : 26 Sep 2023, 03:37 PM

There are 7.8 billion people in the world and almost 49.6% of them spend a handful of days every month buying and using tampons, pain medication and other menstrual hygiene products. Periods are no fun; for people with reproductive organ issues, it's downright painful. "If I had to rate the pain, 100/10 on the first two days. I have seen multiple gynaecologists about this, I have been told Ibuprofen 'should do the work' but nothing does" shared Mouri, a 23-year-old Math student who I randomly met while I was writing this article. We both agreed period cramps really are the worst. Then there's the stigma around it. All the hush-hush around the topic and the preparation (both mental and otherwise) adds even more stress. Bably, a friend of mine, hates shopping for period products, "The drug store near my home doesn't have many varieties and rarely has the brand I use in stock. It's always a big hassle whenever I have to restock. I don't like to step out unless I absolutely have to", she said.

This is where period boxes come in, to make this time a little easier, and make you feel cared for. Period subscription boxes are a monthly service that delivers a curated box of menstrual essentials right to your doorstep. Full disclosure: nothing these boxes contain that can't be found in Swapno or Meena Bazar but if you are a busy bee who never has time for a proper grocery run or someone who's almost never prepared, period boxes are really convenient. These period boxes not only take away the stress of 'Do I have enough tampons?', but it also makes way for self-pampering and relaxation.

"I actually have a subscription to a period box. I finally got one after always finding myself scrambling for that extra tampon in the back of my schoolbag. It's been useful, to say the least. The packaging is super cute, which is always a bonus for me. Who doesn't love nice things sent to them mysteriously?" said Anika, another of my friends.

Honestly, I can't argue with that point. I doubt anyone can. Though period subscription boxes are a fairly new concept in today's market, many entrepreneurs have been tinkering with the idea. One such business is Velvet Box Bangladesh, which launched just a month ago, and has gained instant popularity amongst the monthly bleeders from all walks of life, and their loved ones who simply want them to have an easy time. As the name suggests, the company is indeed based in Bangladesh and offers services all over the country. Currently, Velvet Box has 3 packages to meet all kinds of feminine hygiene needs, from the budget-conscious to luxury seekers: Essential, which has just the basics like pads, soap, disposal bags, and is priced at Tk50 onwards; Essential Plus, which has the basics plus assorted flavoured tea, razors, and sheet masks, and is priced at Tk120 onwards; and Premium, which has all of the above and throws in cotton panties, and mood-boosting chocolate, and is priced at Tk250. This month, they also introduced their special Valentine’s Day Self-care bundle, which is a Premium Box, plus wax strips, prep cups, mask bundles and velvet rose. The limited-edition box is priced at Tk1299 

All three packages are fully customizable and come with a fun set of add-ons. In future, Velvet Box Bangladesh plans to launch its own app which will have a period tracking feature, expert advice from gynaecologists and nutritionists, and many more. They also intend to bring in more environmentally friendly products such as menstrual cups, organic pads etc and eventually start their own line of female hygiene and period care products. 

Check out their official Facebook page here:

How to have a better period

-    Use non-toxic period products/menstrual cups

-    Allow yourself time to rest

-    Eat warming and re-mineralizing foods

-    Herbs and supplements aren’t all old wives’ tales 

-    If you can manage it, treat yourself to Epsom salt baths

-    Journal/Self-reflection can help ease the stress

-    Gentle movement helps with those cramps

-    Use hot water bottles also to reduce cramps

-    Hydrate with water or tea


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