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Dhaka Tribune

Taking AIM against rape culture

Social welfare organization keeps the conversation going

Update : 30 Dec 2020, 05:38 PM

According to Dhaka Tribune's report of November 3,436 females, including 101 girls, were abused in October. Among these, 216 people were raped, including 44 gang rapes. These included 101 children who were raped and 25 children who were gang-raped. To fight against the continuous rape incidents and the other gender based violence in Bangladesh, which has seen a dramatic increase this year during the lockdown, the AIM Initiative Foundation has relaunched its social anti-rape campaign.

The campaign publishes statements of people from a cross-section of society, students, young professionals, celebrities as a way of keeping the conversation going. This is AIM's way of providing a small but effective solution by encouraging people to speak freely about this issue by building a social chain movement on social media platforms. The people who are participating in this campaign or in the discussion will think about this issue and will be able to gain adequate knowledge of what is wrong and what is right. In this way, people around them will be made aware of the underlying problems of all forms of sexual and gender-based violence prevalent in society.

In partnership with Dhaka Tribune, the statements collected by AIM for the campaign are being published on Dhaka Tribune's social media platforms. The AIM Initiative originally launched this campaign in 2019 with the primary goal of increasing awareness of rape, sexual violence, gender-based violence, consent, sexual education, etc. The campaign will go on through December. AIM plans to hold live sessions on the importance of young people consuming good content and contributing to the fight against gender-based violence, as well as to publish video content on basic self-defense techniques.

AIM Initiative Foundation is a registered, non-profit, volunteer-based organization in Bangladesh. They envision breaking down poverty by providing education, skills and health care to the underprivileged community in the country. Besides the #IStandAgainstRape project, they have other successful projects like the AIM School project, the HER project, the Ghure Darao project, etc.

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