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How to get healthy, glowing skin in winter

Update : 18 Dec 2020, 05:38 PM

During the winter time, the environment really dries out our skin. No matter how much we moisturize, the skin ends up feeling dry and tight -- that’s why it is important to moisturize and hydrate the skin, but also to prepare the skin in such a way so that the moisture does not leave. Read on to find out how to keep your skin hydrated and glowing all throughout the cold season.

Daily habits to keep skin hydrated

Make sure the indoor environment is maintained between 18 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius, along with 40% to 60% humidity levels. Continuously moisturize your skin with a hydrating spray mist in order to retain the moisture.

Excessive showering and cleansing during winter could actually weaken your skin barrier, making your skin lose more hydration. Therefore, try to reduce the number of times you cleanse and rub your skin -- instead, try to gently wipe your face. Moreover, rough fabric can aggravate the skin, making it itchy and dry. So try to use a comfortable, cotton clothing while wiping your face.

Eat foods that keep the skin hydrated

It is equally important to care for your skin from the inside, as you care for the exterior. Try to drink one and a half to two litres of water every day, and eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in moisture. Especially if you have dry skin, try to take in foods that are rich in amino acids, such as broccoli, avocadoes, carrots and honey -- they are all natural moisturizers. 

Use products that contain hydrating ingredients

Ingredients such as propolis, panthenol, ceramides, and avocado oil help moisturize the skin. The flavonoids contained in propolis help remove the active oxygen that speeds up aging, and also helps with elasticity and moisturization. Thus, it’s great for improving the skin’s hydration and elasticity. You may also use a nourishing ampoule that takes from the strong antioxidant properties of propolis, to strengthen the skin. This could also help fight inflammation and irritation, and strengthen the skin’s immunity. 

Ampoules that are nourishing are perfect for the winter time, and if they contain soothing properties like centella asiatica, or hydrating properties like betaine, it’s even better!

Panthenol, commonly used in natural cosmetics, helps hydrate sensitive skin, and prevents inflammation and itchiness on dry skin. On the other hand, ceramide prevents the loss of moisture from the skin, while avocado oil protects the skin, making it perfect for harsh winters. 

Use oils that moisturize the skin

Using purified vegetable oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil during the winter helps moisturize the skin and penetrate deep into the skin to help regenerate it. It is recommended that you select natural oils in order to help increase the moisturizing power.

Hydrating post-cleanse night care

Generally, 20% of the skin’s moisture evaporates one minute after cleansing. So make sure you apply proper skin care products to your face within five minutes of cleansing, at the latest. The main point of winter skin care is protection and nourishment. Maintain this routine in order to retain moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier to prevent it from feeling itchy, dry, and flaky. 

Use a low pH cleanser that helps balance the skins pH level, and gives it an instant softening and hydrating effect. Use a cleanser that not only exfoliates the skin, but also contains antibacterial properties that help fight acne -- look for LHA and PHA which help the skin to heal faster by providing extra antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. 

Try to use a toner after cleansing that contains hyaluronic acid, and does not have parabens, artificial colourants or other irritating agents. A toner should be hydrating and lightweight at the same time, while restoring and strengthening damaged skin during the winter. Also, use sheet masks during the cold season that will help reconstruct the skin barrier. Because the skin is really sensitive and irritated during the cold winter months, it is super important to take care of your skin using cooling and calming ingredients to promote healing. 

Finally, use a vitamin E cream to moisturize the skin. Look for moisturizers with a lightweight, gel-like consistency that absorbs into the skin without stickiness or oiliness.

Add an antioxidant hydrating mask and protect the skin

Winter is harsh on the skin not only because of the skin-drying winds and dramatic change in temperatures but also because we easily forget to protect the skin from UV rays. Thus, it is essential to protect the skin and strengthen the barrier with rich antioxidants with effective skincare products.

 One of the easiest ways to do so is by adding a rich and nourishing wash-off mask to give the nourishment and hydration care the skin needs. Leaving a good amount of layer of honey over the entire face for a good 10 minutes will help the antioxidant ingredients to penetrate to the deeper layer of the skin.

Wash-off mask tip in winter

After 10 to 15 minutes, make sure to wash off with lukewarm water. Rather than rubbing it off from the skin, wash it off with gentle rolling motions or with soft cloth without harshly rubbing or stimulating the skin.

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