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DLF goes to Hollywood

As the ever so versatile actor Tilda Swinton visits Bangladesh once again to attend Dhaka Lit Fest, we look back at her film that featured the DLF tote bag

Update : 04 Jan 2023, 01:10 PM

One can always bet on “Mad Max” director George Miller to surprise us with his eccentricity. His latest film, “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” carries on that baton with a story structure much like the Arabian Nights where Sheherazad recites one story after another to the evil emperor. Replace Sheherazad with a ripped Idris Elba and the evil emperor with a nerdy Tilda Swinton, and you have the skeleton of this bizarre fantasy film. 

Based on the short story collection “The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye” by AS Byatt, the film follows Alithea (Swinton) on an academic visit to Istanbul where a queer looking glass bottle in an antique shop catches her eye. Back at her hotel room, Alithea's relentless efforts to get the stains off of the old bottle breaks its head. A giant Djinn (Elba) with red and gold hands appears to grant her three wishes in exchange for his release, but Alithea is not nearly as impulsive as Aladdin. She can't think of a wish that doesn't morph into a precautionary tale like all other Arabian Nights stories. 

The film takes us on a magic carpet ride across millennia. We enter the tent of Sultan Suleiman, where he executes his son Prince Mustafa. More scenes from Deepto TV's dubbed Turkish serials flash before our eyes as we dwell in the harem of Koshem's unsociable son. The bottled-up chemistry of the two leads may leave us longing for more, but lovers of fantasia wouldn't wish to miss sampling this whimsical visual treat.

Sadia Khalid Reeti is Showtime Editor, Dhaka Tribune.

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