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'What can I say? Dhaka, I love you. “

Fawaz Rob discusses architecture at DLF 2019

Update : 13 Nov 2019, 04:52 PM

Panelist Fawaz Rob is an educator, architect, an internationally celebrated artist, and a writer. He obtained his undergraduate degree from San Francisco, USA, and his Master’s degree from Florence, Italy. Fawaz Rob is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture at North South University.

Fawaz Rob presented Dhaka, I love you, on day one, Thursday, November 7.

“Books are very powerful things,” Fawaz says. Dhaka, I love you, is a book on architectural stories by Fawaz Rob that is soon to be published.

After his beautiful presentation on Dhaka, I love you, we caught up with him to ask him some questions.

How did it feel presenting Dhaka, I love you, at Dhaka Lit Fest this year?

"I feel great. I like that they created a platform where many people can come and express their views, however different they might be.”

What was it like to showcase Dhaka, I love you, at Paris?

“I wanted to promote Dhaka in Paris -- that was the idea. I did this exhibition at the heart of Paris, and  with just Facebook marketing we were sold out! All the artists were extremely nice. Sometimes I think it’s our insecurities that prevent us from showing the best sides of Dhaka city. We always tend to focus on the negative things but then you start to notice things you will be proud to showcase.”

What panel are you looking forward to the most?

“Shashi Tharoor, Afsan Chowdhury, and Kamal Chowdhury with Shamsad Mortuza talking about Sheikh Mujib: Icon of Post-colonial Liberation. I think they chose a very interesting and controversial topic.”

What are the five things you love and hate about Dhaka city?

“Five things I love about Dhaka are the mosques, churches, temples, buildings, and definitely fuchka! And the five things I absolutely hate are all kinds of Dhaka traffic.” 

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