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Mirpur hotspots

There’s no denying that Mirpur is one of the most highly sought after real estate zones in Dhaka today. In fact, one-fifth of the total demand for residential real estate that Bproperty receives every month is for Mirpur. Seeing the constant development of the facilities in the areas, this doesn’t come as a surprise. So the only question is, which locations in Mirpur can you consider as hotspots?

Update : 29 Oct 2019, 03:20 PM


Several aspects make Pallabi one of the next major residential areas in Dhaka – a quiet neighbourhood, friendly environment and, best of all, a Metro Rail station! These factors, along with several others, will propel the demand and value of real estate in Pallabi very soon. It is already one of the most lucrative zones in the entire area, and will soon be one of the most popular zones.


Be it East Kazipara or West Kazipara: with every step, you will find ongoing construction work. That’s because Kazipara is at the forefront of Mirpur’s development. While it might seem surprising, until only recently, Kazipara was not considered a hot zone in Mirpur. It had the residential places, the shops, the groceries; yet, it didn’t receive proper limelight. However, Kazipara is definitely in the limelight now, thanks to the recent addition of modern apartments and fluid connectivity (through Begum RokeyaSarani and ShadhinataSarani via Ibrahimpur). Real estate prices here are already on the rise, with average square-feet price of residential places in Kazipara being around Tk4,660 right now.


This is a hidden gem in Mirpur. The endless potential of this beautiful planned quiet neighbourhood is on the verge of blooming. High-rise buildings and paved pathways are a strong appearance, ready to deliver a life of comfort to Rupnagar residents. The neighboring Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, the National Zoo, the Botanical Garden: all of it is there to provide a reprieve from the commotion of modern life. The prestigious Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) is also located in Rupnagar.


Kafrul is connected to Shewrapara on the west, Banani via Cantonment on the east, and Farmgate on the north. It is a small area when compared to other, more prominent areas of Mirpur. But thanks to Kafrul being next to the Cantonment zone, the area, and its residents enjoys tremendous safety and security along with great connectivity. These features have made Kafrul one of the up and coming hotspots in Mirpur area. There is also the fact that you can catch a great view of helicopters and small planes flying overhead from the nearby old airport that the military currently uses.

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