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Dhaka Tribune

Budget FY19: Chartering helicopter flights just got costlier

Update : 07 Jun 2018, 02:49 PM

Maybe reconsider chartering a helicopter for your marriage. The growing popularity of chartering helicopter flights might be curbed by a 20% supplementary duty imposed for the new budget. 

Helicopters are not just an occasional luxury. They are emergency services for those in need of medical services or rescue from a disaster zone. Helicopters are also a staple of corporate inspections and high-level government visits.

In spite of remonstrations, the finance minister has called for the SD on helicopter services due to its growing usage. So from July 1, the service will be significantly more expensive.

Commercial usage of helicopters not only extends to marriage ceremonies, but also video productions, political programs, and visiting economic zones.

South Asian Airlines first introduced commercial helicopter services in 1999 with two helicopters. At present, more than 10 companies commercially operate more than 25 helicopters in Bangladesh. 

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