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Denim Expo: Bangladeshi exporters getting more orders as global economy rebounds

In this two-day long Denim Expo, more than 60 Exhibitors from 11 countries participated including Bangladesh, India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam, Japan etc

Update : 06 May 2024, 06:31 PM

The denim manufacturers and their global raw materials suppliers say the global supply chain of denim and garments has been rebounding from the severe fallouts of the Covid-19 and Russia-Ukraine war.

They also said that the international clothing retailers and brands are also upbeat about Bangladesh denim exports as they can see bright prospects of business here in the coming days.

The denim manufacturers, fibre, chemicals and other materials suppliers shared their views on the sideline of the 16th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo which started at the International Convention City, Bangladesh (ICCB) in the capital on May 6.

The businesses said that many of them are expanding their business here and others are setting up new offices in Bangladesh as the responses from the local manufacturers and millers are growing.

Also, the chemical traders are enjoying a good business here as the local dyers and washers are importing chemicals a lot from them.

Monowar Shikder, director of Sales and Marketing of Soko Chemicals said his Italian company has been selling washing chemicals in Bangladesh over the last 17 years in the denim sector and supplying denim chemicals to 100 denim manufacturers. 

Shikder said the demand for the chemical for washing denim has been growing here as the industry is also growing. 

“Denim prospects are very good in Bangladesh and my business grew 20% over the last few years and in 2024 the business may grow more,” he added. 

He also said that Bangladeshi manufacturers are getting more work orders as the economy in destination countries is improving. 

Michael Maqsood, CEO of London-based Experience Group, who has a factory at the DEPZ exporting fabrics, said that Bangladesh has good prospects in denim and the investment environment is also good.

“It is true that the West is suffering due to war, but I believe investing in R&D and market diversification are key,” he added, saying that they are now focusing on Asian markets although their primary destinations are still the US and Europe. 

Muhammad Wahidul Alam, general manager of RNT (BD) Ltd, another chemical company, said that the denim market is growing in Bangladesh mainly for three reasons: low price, quality and high capacity. 

“The local millers are adopting new washing and dyeing technologies here to reduce the water in washing denim fabrics,” he added, mentioning that many of the denim millers use seven to eight litres of water for washing a kilogram of fabrics which was nearly 350 litres earlier.

He also said that his chemical business grew over 15% thanks to higher demand from the millers.

Denim Expo

Carmina Ferri, founder and chief executive officer of Care Applications, a Spanish device and equipment manufacturing unit, said her business has been growing as the local denim makers are using new devices and technologies to meet growing demand.

The response from the local millers is very good as the business is growing with higher demand for denim clothing from international retailers and brands, she said.

In this two-day long Denim Expo, more than 60 Exhibitors from 11 countries participated including Bangladesh, India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam, Japan etc. 

Exhibitors are showcasing their latest innovations, from sustainable fabrics to cutting-edge designs, and this event highlights the diversity of the denim industry. 

“Reimaging” is the theme of the 16th edition, meaning the re-envisioning of the industry is driven by relentless innovation and the seamless integration of digitalization. 

Bangladesh is the top denim supplier to both the US and Europe.

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