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Teppanyaki Dhaka: Delicious Japanese tabletop grill

Teppanyaki Dhaka, located in Gulshan 2, is almost a journey into Japan’s rich culinary traditions

Update : 02 May 2024, 09:11 PM

Teppanyaki style of dining is fun, lively and engaging. Watching a chef masterfully cook on an iron plate while flinging his knives up in the air is pure entertainment. 

Teppanyaki Dhaka offers something unique and special with an array of Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, steaks, and fish specializing in tabletop grilling, aka teppanyaki. This restaurant also serves wagyu beef, for anyone looking to try the famous Japanese beef. 

Manager Bashir Ahmed said: "It's a crowd-pleaser, whether it's our Chinese guests or locals in Dhaka—everyone enjoys it, and it's healthy too."

Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune


Our culinary adventure began with an array of sushi. The platter was a visual delight, adorned with a variety of sushi that featured the bounty of the sea. From the rich, buttery crab sushi, to the subtly sweet eel sushi, the variety is impressive. 

Sushi, in particular, offers the true taste of Japanese cuisine, although an acquired taste, it allowed us to savour the unadulterated flavours of the fish, and we appreciated having the option to opt for the raw version, which is rare in the city. 

Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

Having whetted our appetites with the sushi, we eagerly anticipated the Teppanyaki experience.   The highlight was the grilled salmon teppanyaki. The live cooking performance added an element of excitement to the dining experience, making each bite even more satisfying. 

The salmon fillet was a masterpiece. Lightly charred on the outside, it had a kettle-chip crisp skin that encased the tender shell-pink flesh within. The smokey flavour enhanced by the tangy hint of the lemon rind to the kick of black pepper, was delightful for our taste buds. 

What made the experience even more enjoyable was the ability to customise the dish according to our preferences. Whether you prefer your salmon seared or charred and the level to which you want it charred, the chef was more than happy to cater to our liking. 

Next in line were the shrimp tempuras, light and crisp. The nuanced preparation allows you to appreciate the texture of the fried batter and the well-cooked shrimp. 

Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

The chicken Teriyaki, with its sweet yet savoury notes, is another standout dish. The sauce, which is a blend of honey soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic strikes an impressive balance between sweetness and umami. 

The beef tenderloin, while masterfully seasoned, could have been a touch softer. Nonetheless, the tenderloin retains the umami  that you crave for in meat dishes. 

The price range for a meal at Teppanyaki Dhaka is Tk680 to Tk6,500. 


Teppanyaki Dhaka, located in Gulshan 2, is almost a journey into Japan’s rich culinary traditions. The decor is a harmonious blend of beige, gold and black hues. The sushi bar, showcasing an array of sushi and sashimi, and the teppanyaki station, alive with the sizzle of live cooking, contribute to the genuine Japanese dining ambience. 

Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

The attentive staff, coupled with the soft murmur of conversations, further enriches the atmosphere, ensuring a truly immersive culinary journey.


With its grand opening scheduled for May 1, the restaurant’s been in their soft launch phase for over a month with good responses from the Chinese and international guests while still aiming to make their presence felt amongst the locals.

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“We need the presence of local customers and for them to want to experience teppanyaki, we have Chinese and international customers that are our regulars,” said Ahmed.

The restaurant's marketing strategy heavily relies on social media channels. Following the grand opening, they plan to employ a blend of word-of-mouth and social media marketing to promote it.

Ahmed explains that the soft launch phase is crucial for ensuring operational efficiency. "After that, we'll see how things unfold," he remarks, indicating a wait-and-see approach to gauge the restaurant's success.

Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune


Teppanyaki Dhaka is a culinary gem that promises an authentic Japanese experience. While the price range is on the steeper side, the quality of the food and the ambience make it a worthwhile experience. The grilled salmon Teppanyaki, sushi and sashimi platters and chicken teriyaki are must-haves. 

So if you’re looking for a unique dining experience, or planning a special occasion, Teppanyaki Dhaka is the place to be. We highly recommend indulging in the authentic flavours of Japan.

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