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Tenderers’ database to help increase transparency in public procurement

Due to increasing operational challenges and the need to consider government procurement demands, it was not possible to enforce procurement laws nationwide

Update : 02 Apr 2024, 05:36 PM

The Tenderers Database introduced by Bangladesh Public Procurement Authority (BPPA) in the electronic government procurement (e-GP) system will help increase transparency in public procurement process.

Mohammed Shoheler Rahman Chowdhury, CEO of BPPA said this while speaking at a workshop for journalists on the establishment of BPPA and Sustainable Public Procurement at BPPA conference room on Tuesday in Dhaka.

Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP) facilitated the event.

As the chief guest at the workshop organized by BPPA, Abul Kashem Md. Mahiuddin, secretary, Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) under the Planning Ministry, highlighted the importance of BPPA's role.

The secretary informed that the government will soon expand IMED's jurisdiction nationwide to effectively monitor development activities.

Under IMED, a department will be established promptly to ensure effective supervision of project implementation under ADP.

Md Mahfuzar Rahman, director (joint secretary) of BPPA, presented a detailed overview of BPPA's establishment, functions and SPP.

The secretary mentioned that the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) was a small unit within IMED.

However, due to increasing operational challenges and the need to consider government procurement demands, it was not possible to enforce procurement laws nationwide. Therefore, establishing a government procurement authority with adequate staff was necessary.

Journalists raised concerns about the transparency in awarding contracts and how e-GP ensures it, especially when certain companies win multiple contracts and others struggle to secure any.

The BPPA CEO assured that the procurement rules would ensure the transparency of the awarded contracts, and measures had been taken to address irregularities.

Regarding this, Abul Kashem Md. Mahiuddin stated that since the issuance of a circular related to BPPA, procurement officers have become more vigilant. He expressed hope for further improvement in this regard over time.

Md Mahfuzar Rahman emphasized that all information regarding contractors' work and received bills are stored in the e-GP database, ensuring transparency. Therefore, hiding any information about vendors is not possible, which will ultimately ensure greater transparency in public procurement processes.

The Tenderers Database was deployed in e-GP system in 2022.

Developed and managed by Dohatec New Media as the lead of a joint venture with Beximco IT and GSS Infotech, the e-GP system of BPPA has been acclaimed at home and abroad.

The former CPTU was transformed into BPPA on September 18, 2023.

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