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Isabgol price rises by Tk800 per kg

  • Isabgol being sold at Tk1,800 to 2,400 per kg at retail shops
  • Packaged isabgol being sold at Tk3,500
Update : 13 Mar 2024, 12:02 AM

Amid the increasing prices of daily essential products at an unbridled rate due to Ramadan, the price of Psyllium Husk, popularly known as isabgol, has increased by Tk800 per kg within three months. 

In the last three months, the price shot up by Tk800 to Tk1000 per kg in the markets of the capital. 

Traders are coming up with excuses as reasons for the rise in prices, increase in import costs, VAT-tax, and dollar crunch.

The sellers said that at present, isabgol is being sold at Tk1,500 to Tk2,000 per kg at wholesale market, which was Tk1,100 to 1,200 per kg, just six months ago.

At the retail market, isabgol is being sold at Tk1,800 to Tk2,400 per kg, which was Tk1,000 to Tk1,500 per kg, six months ago.

Meanwhile, packaged isabgol are being sold at higher prices. Twenty grams of isabgol husk of Sajeeb Group is being sold for Tk70. 

According to that, the price of one kg of isabgol selling at Tk3,500.

Good quality open isabgol is selling at Tk2,400 and slightly lower quality is selling at Tk2,000 per kg, said Md Mehedi, a grocery shop owner of Koltabazar. 

He said: “We bought it from the wholesale market. I don't know the reason for the increase in price. As far as I know, the government has increased VAT.”

Amjad Hossain, a wholesaler in Old Dhaka, said: “VAT-tax has been doubled on isabgol. So, the price went up. Apart from this, the prices have increased due to a lack of supply in relation to demand.

“This product has to be imported from India. With the dollar crisis not permitting import as much as before, there is a supply shortage,” he added.

Meanwhile, the buyers say that increasing the price of daily commodities during Ramadan has become a common happening. Sellers increase the prices of goods two to three months before Ramadan so that no one can say that the price has increased due to Ramadan.

Rifat Hossain, a buyer, said: “The price of everything in the market has skyrocketed. But the government is unable to do anything.”

“Traders used to increase prices on the eve of Ramadan. Everyone was panicking about it. So now they increase the price of goods 2 to 3 months before Ramadan. And when Ramadan comes, they reduce the price a little bit,” he added.

A housewife named Soma said: "I bought half a kg of isabgol for Tk1500 per kg two months ago. The shopkeeper was asking for Tk2,400 taka for one kg of isabgol on Tuesday, the first day of Ramadan.”

“Only we as common people know how terrible the situation is. Now I am buying 250 grams instead of 1 kg,” she added.

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