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Innovation in investment: A dive into hassle-free stock trading with Trek

Trek is streamlining stock trading, offering educational materials, and ensuring hassle-free investment for the youth

Update : 18 Dec 2023, 07:22 PM

In an interview with Dhaka Tribune, the Managing Director of NBL Securities Ltd Zobayed Al Mamun Hasan speaks about their new platform Trek which aims to engage the younger generation in the share market with innovative solutions that simplify the process and provide educational resources.

Trek is streamlining stock trading, offering educational materials, and ensuring hassle-free investment for the youth.

How can more young people be brought to the share market, assuring hassle-free investment and trading?

Engaging the younger crowd in investing can be quite a challenge, especially with the way things are now. We're pushing for easier access and knowledge-sharing. Take our new platform, Trek, for example. It's all about simplifying the whole stock trading scenario. We’ve got this streamlined process and tons of educational materials. We’re truly investing in making it hassle-free and educational, so the youth can confidently dive into the stock market investment.

What kind of new products do you suggest for a diverse share market?

It’s all about shaking things up, isn’t it? We’re all in for innovation. Trek, for instance, is this game-changer in the investment world. It’s not just about buying and selling; it’s about real-time data, advanced options, and diverse investment choices. Plus, we're all about responsible investing, catering to the evolving preferences of the investors and broadening the market.

What is the role of a smart brokerage house in retaining investors?

First and foremost, keeping investors happy and sticking around are the most important things to do if I summarize the whole thing. It’s a balancing act. Customer comes first, always. We’re talking about smooth experiences, well-designed strategies, and top-notch support. Plus, we’re all about staying on top of the tech game, giving real-time insights, and keeping everything crystal clear. Trust and long-term relationships. That’s the goal.

Where is the relevance of a smart brokerage house like NBLSL to smart investors?

Smart investors are all about reliability and being ahead of the curve. That’s where we step in. NBLSL. We’re all about the fusion of tech wizardry and trust. Our platform is directly linked to this Order Management System, and our back office is totally on point. It’s all about that personalized touch, meeting the needs of today’s savvy investors.

Why are you launching Trek, and what does it offer investors?

Trek is our answer to the changing winds of the market. We're leveling the playing field. It’s the one-stop shop for investing, where anyone can dive in. We aim to make it super easy to use with a bunch of educational goodies. You’ve got real-time analytics, a goldmine of info on market trends, and, of course, top-notch security because, yes, keeping your data safe matters big time.

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