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Imo makes sure users are better equipped against hacking

The primary and one of the most important thing is to choose safe messaging applications and social platforms through which you can safely connect with your friends and loved ones

Update : 30 Oct 2023, 02:34 PM

Social media platforms have become integral to our lives as sharing news, photos and interests makes us feel connected to others, but it’s unsettling to think that some innocent posts, likes, tags, check-ins, or messages can be manipulated, taken, or used to do serious harm against us.

On average, 1.4 billion accounts are hacked monthly on social platforms. That is a worrisome piece of stat for anyone. Cybercrimes on social platforms account for $3.25 billion in annual global revenue. Moreover, according to a survey, 71% of hackers contact friends. All these data represent how imperative it is to become alert and cautious in the digital world.

It’s important that you know some important hacks necessary to prevent your account from getting hacked or what to do when such circumstances occur. Avoid sharing personal data on online media, such as home addresses, private phone numbers, Passport numbers, National ID numbers, and passwords. Never trust unknown messages, especially when someone is asking for personal information or money. Always try to verify the identity or intent of the sender before you reply. Remember, your friend or loved one’s hacked account can also send messages asking for money; hence, double-check before sending financial support or sharing information.

Try to safeguard the verification codes, and don’t share them with anyone. Avoid suspicious links, as they can lead to harmful software. Your account might have been compromised if you experience sudden logouts or cannot log in due to password errors.

The primary and most important thing is to choose safe messaging applications and social platforms through which you can safely connect with your friends and loved ones. IMO is a great messaging platform that provides multiple security and privacy features for protecting users’ data.

As a user, you need to pay close attention to security prompts, which could indicate potential hacking. For example, IMO send security prompts to protect the users’ accounts if such a situation occurs. Keep a lookout for unusual activities, unknown devices and unexpected messages. If such things are happening, then your accounts might have been compromised.

Finally, if you think your social platform account or identity has been compromised, immediately take action and report it to the organization’s security center. Platforms like IMO also provide a feature for users to restore lost accounts automatically by answersing verification questons. Moreover, notify friends and family to stay vigilant if they receive any suspicious messages from your account. If you incur any losses or have evidence about the hacker’s identity, then get help from law enforcement agencies.

Social platforms and online messaging applications have become a phenomenon in a world where most things are internet-based. Social platforms and online messaging hacking are serious risks occurring everywhere. Hence, it is vital to be aware of the potential risks and protect yourself by maintaining specific protocols and following some steps.

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