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Sheraton’s Turkish iftar spread is a feast fit for kings

Takeaway Iftar boxes are available for pick-up at both Sheraton and Westin throughout Ramadan

Update : 23 Mar 2023, 08:40 PM

With Ramadan upon us, many like to go to a buffet where they can eat slowly over time and it gets the best value for their money. 

This Ramadan season also marks the return of Turkish culinary artists Ahmet Guler, Sait Dursun, Mehemet Aslan and a Lebanese Executive Chef, Hassan Koubaissi, as well as the participation of Sheraton's in-house Pastry Chef Erhan Demir. 

The Ramadan Buffet is located on the hotel's 14th level. As you approach the brightly lit premises, a giant white-foamed "Ramadan Kareem" greets you at one of the food stations.


The buffet-style iftar menu features traditional Turkish favourites such as the classic Turkish doner, the rich Iskender kebap, pides and other delicacies such as grilled prawns, shrimp paella, and prime ribs.

Their lamb Iskender kebap is an exquisite plate of thinly sliced meat on top of grilled pide bread and lavishly soaked tomato puree, served with yogurt, tomatoes and pepper. The combination of the mild tartness on your tongue and the creamy texture combining together to enhance the rich umami of the lamb will leave you speechless. Of course, the softness should be praised. 

The kebab feast continues with an Adana kebab seasoned with sumac, accompanied with red onions and a parsley salad. While the sumac has little aroma, it is acidic and offers a delightful citrus flavor. The grilled meat is expertly seasoned with cumin, salt, sumac, and roasted chilies—adding a hint of heat—and these kebabs are unrivaled. If you prefer your kebabs to be spicy, this is the one to go with.

This great offer also includes a robust green peas stew, which is a combination of onions, carrots, and tomatoes, as well as peas. This vegetable stew, cooked in olive oil, is not only nutritious but also delicious. The broth, which was generally light and sweet, might have used a little less salt. 

While their dessert menu included the Turkish classic of baklavas and other delectable pastries, it is their cold milk that steals the show. Baklavas are phyllo pastries folded with pistachios and rinsed in cold milk syrup made of vanilla essence, rose water, milk, and chocolate. One bite of these mind-blowing baklavas will make you enjoy the combination of cold milk and pastry crunch like no other. — It's as if you died and went to heaven because of just one taste.

As the hotels strive to see who can serve the best Ramadan buffet, Sheraton and Westin CEO Shakhawath Hoosain insists that authenticity is the first goal.

"I don't know what the other hotels are serving, but I do know that we've promised you authentic Turkish food and we are confident about that because of our in-house and guest Turkish masterchefs," he said. 

Offering authentic Turkish dishes also meant importing ingredients that were not readily available in Bangladesh, which was also taken care of to maintain the authenticity of the cuisine. 

"We took special permission because imports have become difficult, but if they (ingredients) weren't available in Dhaka, we made sure we got it from Dubai or Singapore and Turkey," he added.

The buffet iftar and dinner at Sheraton cost Tk9,950, including VAT, while suhoor costs Tk5,950 and Westin Iftar costs Tk8,850 with buy one get three and buy one and get one free offers on select cards. 

The price difference between the two hotels is due to the fact that the Sheraton can provide more dishes while the Westin can only offer slightly less due to space constraints.

"We retained that pricing differential so that guests do not feel cheated and pay fair amounts for what they are supplied," Shakhawath said.

Dutch Bangla Bank has a buy-one-get-three offer, and several banks provide a buy-one-get-one-free offer.

Takeaway Iftar boxes are available for pick-up at both Sheraton and Westin throughout Ramadan. 

The Ramadan feast and takeout Iftaars are offered during the entire month of Ramadan till April 20th. With this amazing iftar spread, you have the entire month to yourself. Starting right away.

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