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Promodini and Avijatrik Tourism launch two houseboats at Kaptai

Promodini and Avijatrik are jointly working to enrich and ensure the service and quality of riverain tourism in the country.

Update : 28 Sep 2021, 04:32 PM

"Promodini Boat Life" is the first luxurious boat life project at Kaptai Lake, Rangamati co-operated by Promodini Boat life and Avijatrik Tourism Limited. 

Promodini boat life introduces a luxurious private house boating experience on breathtaking Kaptai Lake for the first time in Rangamati. 

Launching two houseboats, Promodini-1 (capacity of six people) and Promodini-2 (capacity of 10 people).

The luxurious houseboats have an air- conditioning facility, a very high standard toilet and shower room, double beds cabins with fan and charging points, a wide window, a spacious lounge. Offering some of the most luxurious and premium packages for a group of 4 – 16 people and one of the most delightful and exclusive honeymoon packages for couples.

Promodini and Avijatrik are jointly working for Promodini Boat life to enrich and ensure the service and quality of riverain tourism in Bangladesh. 

The Owner-Operator of Promodini Boat Life Dipanjan Dewan said: “Bangladesh is a country of thousand rivers. While working with Fibreglass boats in Bangladesh, we realized that there's a tremendous opportunity in riverine tourism in Bangladesh. Since we are based in the Kaptai lake city of Rangamati, we decided to build a modern designed fibreglass catamaran houseboat and see how people react to the concept of living on the water.”

“The vision of Promodini Boat Life and Avijatrik tourism limited is to promote the community as well as the riverine tourism of Bangladesh. In our tour packages, we are offering many vibrant activities such as visiting local indigenous villages and markets, exploring indigenous cuisines etc. We believe Rangamati can be the most popular destination for tourism where people will come to experience house-boating just like Kerala or Dal Lake of Kashmir,” he added.

CEO of Avijatrik Tourism Limited Nazmul Islam said: “As a part of the commitment of developing sustainable community-based tourism in Bangladesh, we have introduced Promodini Boat Life, which is inspired by Kerala houseboat. We operate it in a sustainable way that actually reduces the Carbon footprint and can help travellers to experience the lifestyle and culture of locals and also help to explore the unseen parts of Rangamati. In our value chain, we have involved local communities around Kaptai lake Rangamati so that they can have a sustainable income source from Promodini Boat Life.”

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