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Nagad launches service points in each upazila

These service points are addressing all the customers that are facing challenges while using the MFS

Update : 01 Sep 2021, 05:24 PM

To solve the problems of confronting customers at the rural level, Nagad, the mobile financial service arm of Bangladesh Post Office, has launched at least one Nagad Service point in every upazila of the country.

These service points are addressing all the customers that are facing challenges while using Nagad, said a press release.

Nagad has already set up 599 service points across the country.

Setting up customer points dedicated to serving grassroots customers will give a mileage to the mobile financial service of the country.

Customers will be able to find solutions to all of their challenges from the service points, including getting solutions if they forget their PIN or can’t change the PIN.

With the service points easily accessible, customers will no longer need to call the call centres of Nagad.

The initiative began in March this year by setting up Nagad service points in the e-centers of 30 post offices.

Building on the initial success, 599 Nagad service points were introduced in the country by picking the best entrepreneur at the upazila level.

To enhance the service of the customers’ number of service points will increase further in the coming days.

In order to avail the service of Nagad service points, a customer will inform the entrepreneur of his problem.

If necessary, the entrepreneur will input that information into a specific portal.

This will allow the customer care of Nagad to be aware of the problem and will sort them out by contacting the customer within a maximum of 72 hours after receiving the inputs.

There will be no daily or monthly limit for an entrepreneur in providing data input.

Customers can avail of services from the service points from dawn to dusk.

Tanvir A Mishuk, managing director of Nagad, said: “Nagad has been established to solve the problems of the common people and make their lives easier. Thanks to the growth, it has now become the payment system of choice. As part of the process of innovation and problem solving, the journey of Nagad service points has taken place. This has made Nagad even more preferable to customers.”

The country's second-largest MFS operator now has more than 5.4 crore subscribers.

An average of Tk700 crore is transacted through Nagad every day.

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