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Myanmar delegation in Teknaf to discuss Rohingya repatriation

  • 32-man delegation team arrived on Tuesday morning
  • Sits down with local Rohingyas
Update : 31 Oct 2023, 08:18 PM

A delegation team of 32 Myanmar officials on Tuesday arrived in Cox’s Bazar to interview Rohingya refugees in a bid to start the long-stalled plan to return the persecuted minority to their homeland.

Among the delegation team, there are 11 Rohingya citizens in their trawler. 

At this time, Additional Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC) Shamsud Douza and government officials exchanged greetings with them. 

The Myanmar delegation is led by Saw Naing, immigration director of the country's Rakhine Provincial Government.

Earlier, the Myanmar delegation visited Bangladesh in two rounds on March 15 and May 25. At that time, after verifying the information of about 700 Rohingya, the team returned to Myanmar. 

However, on May 5, Bangladesh government and a delegation of Rohingyas visited Rakhine to inspect the situation there.

RRRC official Shamsud Douza said: "They will discuss repatriation with the Rohingya today and verify their identity," Shamsud Douza said.

"The delegates will leave for Myanmar today (Tuesday) but will return tomorrow (Wednesday)," he added.

On Tuesday morning, 150 Rohingya families living in Leda-Nayapara camp were interviewed by the delegation team. 

Meanwhile, Bangladesh sent a list of 888,000 Rohingya refugees to Myanmar in 2018 with the aim of repatriating Rohingya. A return list of 68,000 Rohingya was then sent by Myanmar. 

In January last year, 1,140 people were initially selected from that list for family-based repatriation as part of a pilot project. 

Of these, Myanmar agreed to the repatriation of 711 Rohingyas, but had objections to the remaining 429. 

At that time, a delegation of 17 members of Myanmar came to Bangladesh to verify the information of 429 people.

The leader of Leda Rohingya camp in Teknaf Bajlul Rahman, who came to participate in the meeting with the Myanmar delegation, said: “More than 50 people were brought from my camp. They sat in a meeting with the Myanmar delegation. Basically, we are in talks with them about going back to Myanmar.”

Nur Kabir, a resident of Teknaf's Shalbagan Rohingya camp, who came to attend the meeting, said: "We have come here to talk to the Myanmar delegation. We will present our demands.”

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