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BPC plans to introduce smart fuel distribution monitoring system

It aims to implement this system by next June

Update : 25 May 2024, 09:27 AM

The Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) is set to introduce a smart fuel distribution monitoring system (SFDMS) to modernize and streamline the fuel distribution process. 

This advanced monitoring system will gradually cover the entire process, from fuel oil release to delivery to the customer, with an initial focus on transportation.

According to sources within the Energy Department, BPC aims to implement this system by next June, although additional time may be necessary for full deployment. 

Recently, Dr Nurul Alam, secretary of the Energy Department, ordered the introduction of the SFDMS during a departmental meeting to curb irregularities in the fuel oil transportation system.

A BPC official said that implementing the SFDMS involves multiple components and requires a comprehensive set of plans. 

“We are now working on transportation. At the same time, we have plans to modernize the entire process from importing fuel oil to delivering it to the consumer.,” he added.

For further details, the official suggested contacting the BPC chairman. However, he was not available for comments, despite repeated attempts to contact him over the phone.

BPC's plan outlines special initiatives to modernize fuel oil transportation between 2024 and June 2025. 

To ensure security in BPC deployments, modern IP camera monitoring dashboards will be introduced. 

A GPS tracker monitoring system will also be introduced to ensure the safety of fuel oil import and distribution tank lorries. 

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) will be introduced in coordination with Google Maps for the purpose of monitoring oil tankers engaged in fuel oil transportation. 

A five-digit hotline number will be launched in favour of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) to facilitate service and eliminate customer suffering.

Additionally, Eastern Refinery Limited (ERL) will see the introduction of a smart quantification system for the reception and delivery of petroleum products, along with the development of an electronic database and monitoring system for ERL equipment.

Besides, some other plans are being undertaken for the period 2026 to 2030 for fuel oil transportation monitoring.

These include- automation of all major marketing company installations under BPC. 

At the same time, an app-based database will be prepared by collecting information from dealers or agents and customers for the purpose of preparing sector-wise fuel oil consumption statistics. 

The BPC also plans to establish a specialized research cell in collaboration with other companies to forecast future fuel oil demand, conduct international market research, and analyze alternative fuel oil markets.

Furthermore, the BPC intends to introduce a system for paying fuel bills through mobile financial services and various debit/credit cards. This system will also collect up-to-date information and certificates for bills.

The BPC said the dashboard aims to provide real-time data on fuel storage, import, distribution, and supply, ensuring greater transparency and efficiency in its operations.

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