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Tabith’s bus promises ride to clean, green Dhaka North

Update : 16 Apr 2015, 07:23 PM

BNP-backed mayoral candidate Tabith M Awal promised to free Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) of corruption if elected and promised to improve governance in the capital.

Tabith, son of businessman-turned-politician Abdul Awal Mintoo, stressed nine points in his pledge to transform DNCC into a modern, liveable city.

The 36-year-old said he wanted to work for the city with the help of the experience of his elders and the energy of the youth.

“Everything will be digitised. So there will be no corruption,” Tabith told journalists in reply to a query, adding: “Previous mayors have tried to introduce the city government concept but failed. I too will try to introduce the system if I am elected.”

Tabith made the comments while unveiling a 12-point election manifesto at a press conference at his election campaign office in the capital yesterday.

BNP Standing Committee Member Moudud Ahmed, Adorsho Dhaka Andolon Convener Emajuddin Ahamed and Member Secretary Sawkat Mahmud also spoke at the programme.

On how he would get things done with his party out of parliament, he said: “I have been given support by a political party but on April 28, the people will cast their votes. If elected, I will be the people’s choice. So there will not be a problem.”

On his relative newness in politics, Tabith said:  “If I am new in politics then why was I arrested in 2013? If I am elected, I will work with the consultation of all the people.”

Tabith’s manifesto starts with the city’s food supply. He promises to set up night markets and farmers markets at strategic points throughout the city. He favours support for urban agriculture. He wants to set up food courts at specific points to replace scattered food vendors.

In the housing sector, Tabith said taxes would be collected via mobile phones or the internet to stop harassment and corruption. Controlling pollution at its source would be prioritised.

The 36-year-old said health check-up booths would be set up in public parks. He pledged free medical and mobile health services for middle-income people. At community hospitals he vows to initiate free treatment for pregnant women and children up to the age of five.

In the education sector, Tabith plans to introduce school buses, said he would take steps to establish a public university in DNCC and vows to set up scholarships to encourage students. The mayoral hopeful pledged to build at least one daycare centre in every ward.

To deal with traffic, Tabith said more flyovers, underpasses or overpasses would be constructed.

He vowed to get tough on illegal parking and said more bus bays would be set up. He also said high quality taxi cabs for tourists and a skywalk would be introduced to get more people moving more comfortably.

He promised congestion-free streets and sufficient and clean footpaths.

He said he would take steps to introduce commuter train services between Tongi and Kamalapur railway stations.

To clean up the waste management crisis, Tabith pledged to introduce the “3R” policy –  Reduce, Refuse and Reuse.

The political freshman said a one-stop service would be introduced for citizen services, night-time shelters would be established for those without shelter, a “Know Your Rights” programme would be held each year and digital electronic displays of share market transactions would be set up in heavily frequented spaces.

To ensure security, Tabith said he plans to establish, in phases, CCTVs on every street and to offer night-time bus services.

Calling him a promising young politician, Moudud Ahmed said Tabith was a young, educated and honest politician who could transform the city.

Tabith’s mother Nasrin Awal, brother Tafsir Awal, wife Sawsan Eskander and other BNP leaders were present at the programme.

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