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BNP’s reshuffling plans come to a halt

Update : 04 Mar 2014, 09:39 PM

The reshuffling initiatives of the BNP and its front and associate bodies have come to a halt, with no major development in the process reportedly causing frustration among the party ranks.

In a meeting with BNP’s Dhaka city unit leaders about a month ago, party Chairperson Khaleda Zia reportedly bashed the leaders for their “failed roles” in staging the party’s movement against the election and said the city committee would soon be reshuffled; a move which is yet to be carried out.

The former premier also met leaders of Chhatra Dal’s Dhaka University unit, lambasting them for their role during the election-resistance movement and branding them as a “failure.”

Leaders from different tiers of the party told the Dhaka Tribune that they were in the dark about the reshuffling of Jubo Dal, Swechchhashebak Dal and other associate and front bodies of the party.

At a rally in Rajbari on March 1, Khaleda reiterated plans of consolidating the party and launching a fresh movement after the staging of the upazila parishad polls.

Earlier on February 4, Khaleda told a press conference that some time might be needed for announcing any programme, as many leaders and activists were in jail, while many were also on the run.

On February 6, Khaleda held a standing committee meeting and decided to reorganise the associate and front bodies before waging any movement.

Later on February 10, the party chairperson met with the Dhaka city leaders and said the new committee will be formed soon.

However, the party failed to realise its plan to announce the new committee on the second week of February; and was also unable to follow through in what was reportedly its plan of forming the new committee after the release of Dhaka city unit BNP Convener and party Vice-Chairman Sadeque Hossain Khoka.

“Reorganising the party is a regular job and it is not possible to do within a specific time frame. The reorganising process of the party is going on and the chairperson will announce the committee whenever the time will come,” Abdullah Al-Noman, vice-chairman of the party, told the Dhaka Tribune. He, however, did not mention any time-frame.

Sources at the party chairperson’s Gulshan office said Khaleda herself was looking after the reorganising process of the associate and front bodies.

However, many leaders have expressed frustrations as there was no visible progress in reshuffling since the January 5 national poll.

Party insiders said a section of leaders were against reshuffling BNP’s Dhaka city unit now, as the upazila elections were ongoing.

“If committees were reshuffled now, intra-party feuds might come to the forefront, which would backfire; rather the committee should be formed after the stepping down of the government,” a senior leader, seeking anonymity, told the Dhaka Tribune.

However, preferring to stay unnamed, a standing committee member said: “Khaleda Zia wants to cut trees by keeping the weed. She has to decide whether she will keep the tree or the weed.”

With the fate of the city unit still undecided, Khaleda Zia as well as central leaders of the party have also kept mum about the BNP’s national council, which has been due for more than a year. 

Some senior leaders have reportedly advised the party chief to shorten the list of executive committee members, as most of the 486 members remained inactive during the party’s movement for toppling the previous government.

In the meeting with Dhaka University Chhatra Dal leaders, Khaleda said the new committee would be formed soon with regular students.

Chhatra Dal leaders however said the new committee would be formed after the student wing’s president, general secretary and senior vice president were released from jail. Sources said Khaleda had also expressed similar views.

“Except the senior leaders, it is tough to identify who are the regular students… And there is a chance of infiltration of Shibir. That is why the committee formation might take some time,” a Chhatra Dal leader said.

“Reshuffling process has started and some time might be needed to complete the process,” Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie, student affairs secretary of the party, said.

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