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Buet student protesters reject Chhatra Dal solidarity

‘We want to make it clear again that our position is not against any single student organization’

Update : 04 Apr 2024, 09:34 AM

The general students of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet) have rejected the politically-motivated solidarity of Chhatra Dal with the Buet students who are staging protests against student politics on campus.

“We have observed several attempts by different groups to question and falsify our protest for a campus without student politics in Buet. From the beginning till now we have been subjected to various kinds of harassment and propaganda against our demands.”

“Most recently we came to know that on Wednesday, a press conference organized by Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal was called to clarify their position on the Buet issue and to demand coexistence in all educational institutions including Dhaka University campus.”

The leaders of the student wing of the BNP said:"The Chhatra Dal as a democratic student organization believes in practicing politics in a healthy democratic manner. The Chhatra Dal respects the opinion of the common students of Buet and expresses solidarity with the ongoing movement against evil politics in the campus."

“We Buet students, at this critical moment of the ongoing agitation for a campus free of student politics, consider the Chhatra Dal's statement as purely politically motivated and we the common students of Buet reject their ‘politically motivated solidarity’.”

“In July 2020 when the Chhatra Dal announced its convening committee in Buet in violation of university rules, our then senior batch ‘Pounopunik 15’ strongly protested against their activities and appealed to the VC and DSW sir to take immediate action.”

“We common students still protest against it and we will continue to be vocal against all forms of student politics entering the campus,” said the students. 

“Later, if any other organization indulges in trying to confuse the demands and position of our movement with such statements, we will reject them too. We want to make it clear again that our position is not against any single student organization. We are against student politics entering the campus, so our stand is equal and firm against any organization that wants to do it.”

“It should also be noted that we do not support the existence of banned fundamentalist organizations like Hizb ut Tahrir. There is no question of supporting or sympathizing with such a banned organization.”

“The student politics-free Buet campus that we have achieved through the sufferings and tears of hundreds of students and the blood of Soni Apu, Dwip Bhai and Abrar Bhai, we are not willing to lose that achievement due to any political mischief.”

“We therefore condemn any interference in our current movement, or any attempt to capitalize on the movement to achieve any vested quarter and at the same time any possible attempt to divert the context of the movement to a different sector,” said the students. 

About the public opinion survey conducted on students of Buet on student politics, they said: "Over the last two days, to monitor students’ opinion, we took online votes for and against student politics by using our respective institutional mails." 

The result was that of the total number of students, 5,834 people,  as many as 5,683 students expressed their opinion against student politics.

 In other words, 97% of the students are against student politics on campus. 

“So the correctness of our position is proved here”, they added.

The central committee of the Chhatra Dal, the student wing of the main opposition BNP, organized a press conference at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity (DRU) in the capital on the ongoing Buet crisis.

Chhatra Dal president Rakibul Islam Rakib and general secretary Nasir Uddin Nasir spoke at the program in the presence of other central committee leaders and activists. 

“We demand student council election and coexistence of all political organizations at all the universities,” said Rakibul.The Chhatra Dal was in solidarity with the stance of Buet students against ill politics, he added.

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