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Execution of verdicts this tenure: Hasina

Update : 17 Jul 2013, 02:53 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday thanked the judges of the international war crimes tribunal for trying war criminals braving the potential threats to their lives.

Expressing satisfaction with the judgment the premier vowed that her government would execute the verdicts of the war crimes tribunal during its tenure.

Hasina, rejecting the widespread speculation that the ruling Awami League had a secret deal with the Jamaat on the verdicts, denied her party’s involvement with the trial.

“An international (crimes) tribunal has awarded punishment; we are happy with the verdict. This is up to the court to decide the punishment,” Hasina told parliament on the last day of the budget session that started on June 3.

The judgment will be announced one after another, she said. “We will implement the verdicts, Inshallah.”

People involved in the process are working despite the threats to life. We are getting judgment. Justice will follow. This is the greatest achievement, she continued.

As soon as the House started its session at 11.45am with Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, Rashed Khan Menon, the Workers’ Party chief, expressed his frustration over the Ghulam Azam trial.

During the war of independence people of all ages – from children to old men – were murdered. Anti-liberation forces never took the age into their consideration while murdering people. But the court spared Ghulam Azam from execution,” said Menon.

He suggested that the government should appeal to the Supreme Court against the verdict.

“Many quarters want to put the blame on the Awami League. But we would not wait for 42 years for trial of war criminals if they rejected Zia’s move to rehabilitate war criminals,” said Hasina.

Hasina, also the Awami League chief, criticised the main opposition BNP for not attending the parliament session “in support of hartal called by the Jamaat protesting the trial of Ghulam Azam”.

They skipped the parliament session after the verdict, said Hasina.

“BNP chairperson’s support for Ghulam Azam and the war crimes is crystal clear; she has made it clear. Please think about those who support the war criminals,” she urged people.

Hasina hoped that the whole nation would denounce the BNP for its absence from parliament protesting the trial of war criminals.

“You have left no stone unturned to save the war criminals: you have attacked the minorities and the Buddhist temples,” she slammed the BNP.

The prime minister blamed the Hefazat-e-Islam men for burning the holy Quran.

“Just see, how the Quran was being burnt, you cannot help but cry,” Hasina said showing the photographs of the burnt Quran.

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