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Quader: BNP should be tried for crimes against humanity

‘There is no heinous crime that the BNP did not commit’

Update : 12 Dec 2020, 06:06 PM

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport Bridges Minister on Saturday said BNP should be tried in crimes against humanity tribunal as the party has been committing crimes against humanity continuously since its inception.

“There is no heinous crime that the BNP did not commit, including the promulgation of the indemnity act to stop the trial of the killers of Bangabandhu and perpetrators of jail killing, grenade attacks and arson attacks,” he said.

He was addressing the biennial council of Awami League’s Adamdighi upazila unit, Bogra, joining it through videoconferencing from his official residence on parliament premises in Dhaka.

Terming the BNP as the creator of cliques of goons in the country, Quader said BNP’s history is the history of conspiracy, killing of people and militancy.

He said there is no democracy inside the BNP but they always talk about democracy.

Turning to his own party, the Awami League general secretary said there could be competition of leadership in a big party but this competition must maintain organizational discipline and regulation.

He urged the party leaders and workers to refrain from anything that tarnishes the image of the party.

Awami League President Sheikh Hasina is very strict about discipline, he said, adding that if anyone violates organizational discipline, the party will not spare him or her.

He said dedicated workers of Awami League who stayed with the party in its crisis must be evaluated in the committees of the party.

Extortionists, corrupt people and wrongdoers will not be given any room in the party, he said.

Awami League Organizing Secretary SM Kamal Hossain and Health Affairs Secretary Dr Rokeya Sultana joined the council, among others.

Adamdighi Awami League Acting President Qudrat-e-Elahi presided over the function which was moderated by General Secretary Rajibul Alam Ripu.

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