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Razzak: BNP's love for Jamaat is so intense they can't let go

Update : 19 Nov 2016, 10:35 PM
He was speaking at a reception program organised by the Awami League ward-21 unit. He said: "BNP leader said in her proposal that the election commision is to be formed by discussing with all political parties. Among these parties are the 20 party and 14 party alliances. “Jamaat, which belongs to the 20 party alliance, has no registration. That is why she said those parties which are represented in the parliament, there has to be dialogue with them, among whom are Jamaat and Freedom Party. "BNP's love for Jamaat is so intense that they can't leave Jamaat.” He said there is nothing new in the proposal. “BNP failed to foil the 2014 election. Now she realizes it is a mistake.” he added He further raised the question as to why the military has to be empowered with judicial ability in a civil state and added that, as BNP was born out of a cantonment, they always expect something unconstitutional to happen.
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