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Chittagong mayor launches research lab to combat mosquito

  • Program aims at reducing mosquito prevalence
  • Assembled research team comprising teachers from Chittagong University
Update : 30 Mar 2024, 11:15 PM
Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) Mayor Rezaul Karim Chowdhury has announced the establishment of a laboratory to investigate why mosquitoes persist even after the application of insecticides.
The mayor inaugurated the program on Saturday aimed at reducing mosquito prevalence in Chittagong city.
He expressed optimism that the mosquito outbreak would diminish within a week.
The mayor said: "Upon assuming office, I assembled a research team comprising teachers from Chittagong University. In accordance with their scientific guidance, we are currently developing advanced mosquito repellents. We maintain an ample stock of these repellents, and all 41 wards are being regularly treated. However, we have observed that mosquitoes are not decreasing in certain areas, including Halishahar."

"While the same insecticides effectively control mosquitoes in other regions, it appears that mosquitoes in some areas, like Halishahar, may have developed resistance to existing treatments or are adapting to changes in their life cycle due to climate changes," he added.

He said: "We will collect mosquito larvae from each ward and conduct laboratory tests to determine the effectiveness of various insecticides against different mosquito species. Subsequently, we will tailor our insecticide spraying and other interventions based on the findings of this research."
CCC Public Relations Officer Aziz Ahmed disclosed that arrangements are being made to open the laboratory on the eighth floor of the temporary CCC building in Tigerpass by April.

Meanwhile, mosquito control operations commenced in Maheshkhaal, adjacent to Failatali Bazar in Halishahar.
Mayor Rezaul Karim Chowdhury affirmed that this initiative would persist across all 41 wards of the city until the onset of the monsoon season.
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