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Barrister Suman swims in Khoai River after cleaning 50 years of waste

  • He also rides a boat
  • 600 volunteers of BD Clean helped him 
Update : 20 Jan 2024, 06:45 PM

Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman, the newly elected member of parliament of Habiganj-4 constituency, cleaned 50 years of garbage accumulated in the Khoai River in Habiganj's Chunarughat Municipal area on Friday. 

At least 600 activists from the voluntary organization BD Clean helped him clean the river. 

Following the successful cleanup of the river, Barrister Suman not only took a refreshing swim but also navigated a boat along the pristine waters of the Khoai River.

He said: “It was my dream to ride a boat on the abandoned Khoai River. Now my dream has come true.”

He also thanked BD Clean for helping him with this project.

Barrister Suman said: "It is easy to talk about dreams, but I have had a different experience while cleaning all this dirt by going down the path of dreams. I got a different idea of how people can clean up the dirt of others, thinking of it as their own. I would advise everyone to follow their dreams rather than just discuss them. Only then will you be able to build Sonar Bangla.

"Many people have come here to see this today. Outsiders have cleaned their dirt. I have told the area's people that I want to make Chunarughat and Madhabpur a tourist city within the next three years. I want to show them how fast an area can grow under proper leadership" he added. 

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