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Jessore school classroom gutted in fire, authorities suspect sabotage

  • School is set to be used as polling station
  • ‘Petrol bomb was thrown into classroom’
  • Classrooms had been locked since Dec 17
Update : 03 Jan 2024, 06:17 PM

A classroom at Danbir Hazi Md Mohsin High School in Jessore's Murli area was set on fire, burning several benches. 

The school authorities suspect that a petrol bomb was thrown into the room on Tuesday night.

The school officials said the classrooms had been locked since December 17. 

Additionally, the teachers had not come to school for the last two days as they were attending election training. The school is set to be used as a polling station for the upcoming election, which is why the staff went to clean the rooms on Wednesday morning.

When the Class Eight room was opened, they noticed a smell emanating from the room and found some benches burned. Two bottles were also discovered.

Upon receiving the information, teachers and leaders of the school management committee rushed to the school and informed the police.

They believe that the incident was an act of sabotage.

Former headmaster Shah Alam said: "I heard about a bomb attack at the school this morning. Upon arriving, I found several benches in the eighth-grade classroom burned and the room blackened by smoke. Even the fan and clock were burned. Incidents like this in a closed school suggest sabotage. With the upcoming election, it seems someone did this to spread fear."

The school's Headmaster Fazlur Rahman said: "I joined the school only a few months ago. The staff found the room burned while cleaning on Wednesday morning. After hearing the news, I went there with the teachers and informed the school management committee chairman and the police.

"It looks like sabotage. The school is to be used as a polling centre and we have a golden jubilee in February. These two reasons might have motivated the sabotage," he added.

Sheikh Salahuddin Tipu, school management committee chairman, said: "After learning about the incident, I visited the scene and notified the police. It appears the fire was set with kerosene or petrol. The police are looking into it. But since the school is a polling station and BNP-Jamaat is not participating in the election, it raises suspicions."

Locals said they did not see any outsiders around the school. They did not hear any noise or see any fire last night and came to know about the incident on Wednesday.

Sohed Ali, the school's founder and headmaster, questioning the sabotage, said: "Perhaps children mischievously did this."

Upon hearing the news, Jessore Kotwali police station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abdur Razzak visited the site and said: "The fire looks old, and we did not detect any petrol smell. We have begun an investigation following the complaint. It seems not to be election-related sabotage but possibly for other reasons. We are investigating, and more information will be shared later."

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