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Cyclone Midhili: Fire stations along coast on high alert

  • Hotline number 16163
  • Several control rooms opened
Update : 17 Nov 2023, 06:58 PM

A total of 51 fire stations in disaster-prone areas are continuously alerting residents to prepare for Cyclone Midhili.

A central monitoring cell has been established at the Fire service’s headquarters in Dhaka to coordinate all pre-cyclone, during, and post-cyclone activities.

Additionally, control rooms in Khulna, Chittagong, and Barisal divisions are monitoring the situation continuously. A departmental monitoring cell has been established in Khulna.

According to a press release, the fire service has completed all preparations to deal with the cyclone as per the instructions of the Security Service Division, Ministry of Home Affairs.

As per the instructions of the Director General of Fire Service and Civil Defence Brigadier General Md Main Uddin, all officers and employees of 51 fire stations in 13 districts of coastal areas have been placed on alert duty.

Search and rescue teams, first aid teams, and water rescue teams are ready at every fire station to deal with emergency situations in disaster-prone areas. Ambulances, chain saws, hand saws, rotary rescue saws, spreaders, megaphones, ram jacks or air lifting bags, first aid boxes, and all other equipment are ready, along with the required number of firefighting and rescue equipment.

The fire service will engage in post-cyclone search and rescue work to make roads suitable for traffic, assisted by trained volunteers. In these areas, fire services can be accessed 24 hours a day and night for any work related to the protection of life and property.

In addition to all shelters, the general public can also take shelter in coastal fire stations if necessary. The fire service monitoring cell, central control room, and all departmental control rooms will be engaged in gathering news around the clock.

All are requested to call the nearest fire station, divisional control room, central control room hotline number 16163, or central monitoring cell emergency mobile number 01730336699 for any urgent needs.


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