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CAB Chittagong expresses concern over closure of private chamber-operations of doctors

The association has demanded to stop playing with the lives of ordinary people by holding ordinary patients hostage

Update : 18 Jul 2023, 01:01 PM

Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) Chittagong has expressed deep concern as doctors have closed all private chambers as part of a central program to protest the arrest of two doctors in the capital over the death of a newborn at Dhaka Central Hospital. 

The association has demanded to stop playing with the lives of ordinary people by holding ordinary patients hostage.

The Obstetrical and Gynecology Society of Bangladesh (OGSB) and Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) cannot take such inhumane and unfair decisions because of the arrest of two doctors.

“Everyone, be it a doctor or whatever, should deal with legal procedure with due respect to law. But challenging the court's decision and pointing the finger at the law, calling a strike in a nefarious conspiracy is tantamount to curtailing people's basic rights like medical care. This futile attempt to destroy the fundamental rights of the people is not only disgraceful, it is also like utter barbarism.”

The leaders demanded immediate withdrawal of the illegal strike, avoiding such immoral, unjust, unreasonable and inhumane activities by holding millions of patients hostage, revoking the announcement to close the private chamber-operations of all doctors and respecting the law and seeking remedy from court.

In a statement, the CAB leaders expressed their disappointment at the announcement of the doctors to close their operations and all medical treatment. 

They urged them to avoid such an anarchic situation by holding patients hostage.

The decision for some unscrupulous people, has also questioned the noble profession of doctors, added the leaders mentioning that with their decision, a question has been raised whether doctors are beyond law.

The leaders demanded strict vigilance in all institutions of the health department, including private clinics, pathological labs, to overcome this kind of anarchic situation in the health and medical sector.

They demanded strict legal remedies to protect consumer interests including abolition of the commission system, gift system in health sector and strict control of undue interference of BMA like CBA organization.

The OGSB announced the closure of private chamber operations of doctors across the country on Monday and Tuesday.

The program was announced jointly through discussions with the leaders of BMA.

Bangladesh Dental Society and Bangladesh Autism and Disability Institute (BADI) have also closed private chambers and operations in solidarity with the program.

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