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Woman gives birth on moving train

The mother started having labour pains on the moving train while on the way to the hospital for a check up

Update : 06 Apr 2021, 06:41 PM

A pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl on her way to Dinajpur on a Dhaka-bound train from Panchagarh on Sunday morning, reports Bangla Tribune.

Mukti Parveen, 25, wife of Mansur Ali of Bhomradah Hajipara village in Pirganj upazila of Thakurgaon, gave birth on the Drutayan Express on her way to Dinajpur from Pirganj station in Thakurgaon on Sunday morning.

She is currently admitted at the gynaecology ward of Dinajpur General Hospital.

Owing to the delivery of the baby, the intercity express train left Dinajpur station 13 minutes later than its scheduled departure time.

Mansur Ali informed that the baby is their second child, and they were already parents to a 2-year-old daughter. Pregnant Mukti had been under the care of doctors at Dinajpur Mission Hospital.

Mukti’s expected date of delivery was April 7. On Sunday morning, they were going to see their doctor in Dinajpur on the Dhaka-bound express train. 

However, Mukti started having labour pains on the moving train and gave birth to  their child with the help of the female passengers on the train.

When the train reached Dinajpur station, Station Superintendent Ziaur Rahman decided that the train would not leave Dinajpur station until the mother and newborn were safe. 

Later, with the help of Government Railway Police (GRP), Station Master Nargis Begum and a local trained midwife, the mother and the newborn were taken to the hospital from the train via an ambulance. Railway authorities did not charge any fare for the ambulance, he added.  

Moreover, hospital authorities gave the family gifts such as a flower bouquet, basket full of fruits, free essential medicines and new clothes for Mukti and the newborn, whom they have named Mitali.

Station Master Ziaur Rahman said, "We have admitted the mother and child safely to the hospital with all necessary cooperation."

Citing doctor Sohail Rana of Dinajpur Medical Hospital, Mansur Ali said: “Both mother and child have been admitted to the gynaecology ward, and are in good health.”

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