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Dinajpur school vandalized over student's death

Transferring him to the hospital was delayed allegedly due to negligence of the teachers

Update : 07 Aug 2019, 10:58 PM

A tenth-grade student died on Wednesday due to breathing problems that started in the classroom, while teachers allegedly neglected the symptoms and delayed his transfer to a hospital.

The deceased Azim Uddin, 16, a student of the Katla Dimukhi High School in the Birampur upazila died on the way to a local hospital. Locals and students vandalized school classrooms and burnt down 6 motorcycles accusing neglect of the teachers.

Classmates of the deceased said Azim fell sick in the class Wednesday morning. Teachers took no action although the students called for help.  Half an hour later when Azim's condition deteriorated, students requested a teacher to lend his motorcycle to transfer him to hospital swiftly. 

When the teachers refused to lend a motorcycle, they carried the ailing Azim in a van on the way to hospital, when he died. Following the incident, agitated students vandalized the school and burnt down the motorcycles.

Azim's family said: "Azim was sick for a long time, but he recovered after he visited doctors and had some medicines. However, this time he died due to teachers’ negligence."

Some guardians said if the teachers do not care about the students how will they send their kids to school. They demanded exemplary punishment for the negligence of teachers.

Headmaster Nazrul Islam, of the school said: "Nobody asked me for a motorcycle. After hearing the incident I rushed to the Birampur health complex, and there got the news of students vandalizing school."

Birampur police station OC (probe) Sohel Rana said: "The situation is now under control. If anyone complains about the matter to us, we will look into it and take necessary action."

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