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15 injured in clash at Rangpur court over Barrister Mainul’s hearing

Barrister Mainul was also manhandled by ruling party men as he was being brought into the court

Update : 04 Nov 2018, 05:22 PM

At least 15 people were injured, as clashes broke out among the police, Awami League and BNP supporters at the Rangpur court during the hearing of Barrister Mainul Hossain.

Around 12pm on Sunday, senior lawyer Mainul, who is charged in a harassment case over a comment made on TV, was brought to court in a police vehicle.

Mohila Awami League and various other women’s organizations took position on the courtyard and shouted slogans at him.

While getting off the vehicle, he was physically assaulted by the protesters. The court gates were closed after the incident.

BNP activists began their protests when Mainul was denied bail and locked in a clash with the Awami League activists.

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Police fired tear-gas shells, flash grenades and blank shots to try and disperse the two clashing sides.

Mainul’s lawyer Advocate Masud Rana said they were disappointed that the court did not issue bail in a bailable case.

He also said that the senior lawyer had told the court that he was attacked and injured while coming into the court.

“Hearing his statement, the court ordered police to tighten security when taking him back to prison,” he said.Police fire tear shells to disperse fighting Awami League and BNP activists at Rangpur Judicial Magistrate Court, November 4, 2018 Dhaka Tribune Bail rejected

Mainul was brought to the court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Arifa Yasmin Mukta, who held his bail hearing.

The defence lawyers pleaded for bail, saying the offence was bailable and there were multiple cases for one incident, which is not legally acceptable to begin with.

The plantiff’s lawyers objected to the bail on the ground that the plaintiff could not present herself in court.

After hearing both sides, the court rejected the bail petition and sent Mainul to prison.

Mainul was brought from the Dhaka Central Jail to Rangpur Jail on Saturday evening, after the additional chief judicial magistrate issued a production warrant, noting that no record of his arrest in Dhaka had reached the court.

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15 injured in clashes

From morning, the courtyard was occupied by women’s organizations, including the Mohila Awami League, brandishing brooms and chanting slogans against Mainul.

Police say they tried throughout the day to dissuade the protesters, but failed. Later the court area was cordoned off by the metropolitan Detective Branch members.

The protesters hurled rotten eggs and shoes at Mainul when he was brought in.

While he was being taken back, BNP activists started a protest march in the courtyard. Awami League activists brought out a procession in response and the two sides quickly became embroiled in a clash.

Some crude bombs were exploded. Police fired tear-gas shells, flash grenades and blank shots. At least 15 persons were injured in the clash.

Dilshad Hossain Mukul, the plaintiff’s lawyer and assistant public prosecutor of Rangpur, received head injury. He is also the joint secretary of city Awami League.

“Police had been informed that BNP’s thugs had taken position on the courtyard with weapons but they did nothing,” he alleged.

Kotwali Police Station Officer-in-Charge Rezaul Karim said those responsible for the incident at court will be identified through video footage and action will be taken against them.

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